Tire Monster Tour Launches in Goodyear's Home State of Ohio 

On the heels of Goodyear Tire’s announcement of a natural rubber procurement policy that experts are concerned is not strong enough to hold suppliers accountable, Mighty Earth unveils the Tire Monster — a ten-foot tall, 500-pound sculpture made of discarded tires. The Tire Monster will be kicking off its world tour in Ohio, the home of Goodyear Tire, to raise awareness and promote action to stop deforestation and human rights abuses related to producing natural rubber. The Tire Monster tour also launches on the eve of the World Rubber Summit, where global rubber industry leaders will convene in Sri Lanka.

Mighty Earth's new investigation found links between Goodyear and rubber suppliers driving deforestation in Southeast Asia and West Africa. Its new policy does not mention how it will deal with ongoing non-compliant suppliers found to be driving environmental destruction and human rights abuses.

“While we welcome Goodyear’s announcement, its policy leaves a lot of key questions unanswered. In contrast to the commitments of the other leading tire companies, Goodyear’s policy fails to detail how it will address suppliers that have been proven to be driving destructive practices,” said Margaret Kran-Annexstein, Campaign Director for Mighty Earth. “People are demanding that Goodyear address its problematic suppliers immediately.”

The tire industry accounts for at least 70 percent of global natural rubber consumption with the top five brands – Bridgestone, Michelin, Goodyear, Continental, and Pirelli – accounting for about half of the industry’s consumption. Although Goodyear’s policy is not as strong as that of the other companies’, it joins Michelin, Pirelli and Bridgestone in announcing a "No Deforestation, No Exploitation" policy for its supply chain. As the tide turns towards deforestation-free rubber, Continental is the final of the top five companies that has yet to announce a sustainability policy.

The Tire Monster is planning to make the following tour stops this week:  

  • Tuesday, May 1st in Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Wednesday, May 2nd in Cleveland, Ohio
  • Thursday, May 3rd in Akron, Ohio  

 He can be followed on social media as he tours across Ohio, here: 


The Tire Monster

Coming soon to America, there will be a tire monster roaming the streets, and he’s livid about deforestation for rubber.

The Tire Monster is making his way from Southeast Asia where, until now, he has fed on primary forests and rubber sap from industrial plantations producing rubber for tires to grow big and strong. At a towering 10 feet tall and 500 pounds, he’s engorged himself.. With tropical forests dwindling, soon there will be nothing left to feed on, so the monster is switching up his diet and heading first to Ohio, the home of the U.S.’s largest tire company, Goodyear Tires, to rally support for deforestation-free tires with his new friends at Mighty Earth.

Rubber is Driving Massive Deforestation

Rubber production is a growing driver of deforestation across West Africa and Southeast Asia. Unfortunately, it has long been industry norm to produce rubber in a way that destroys forests and violates human rights.

The natural rubber that the tire industry uses to manufacture its tires endangers majestic endemic wildlife , and forces indigenous people off of the lands they’ve lived on for generations. With our climate, vital ecosystems, and human rights at stake, it is essential that the tire industry— as one of the major consumers of rubber worldwide — breaks the link between deforestation and natural rubber production.

How Can I Help?

Sign the petition to ask major tire makers to stop destroying the Mekong and African forests for rubber production. Follow the Tire Monster on his tour as he rallies Ohioans to call on Goodyear Tires to hold its current suppliers accountable for addressing deforestation, land grabbing, and human rights abuse.