Sabrina Torres



Sabrina is a fellow at Mighty Earth working to expose deforestation, human rights abuses, and environmental degradation in the rubber supply chain. She conducts corporate, campaign, and supply-chain research as well as examines corporate and government sustainability policies. With a background in sustainable forestry, she supports strategies to convince the rubber and cocoa industries to adopt socially-equitable agroforestry systems into their existing agricultural practices. She also reviews subgrantee reports and assesses the social and environmental impacts on local Indigenous communities. Additionally, she is working on creating a communications database to collect and store relevant material associated with issues related to rubber as well as creating a comparison document between quality and substandard sustainable natural rubber policies.

Sabrina is currently completing her Master’s degree in Sustainability Management at Columbia University, focusing on climate justice, social equity and resilience in the built environment, and sustainable food systems. She is the director of communications for Build it Green, a Columbia University organization advocating for inclusive sustainable design in the built environment. Previously, Sabrina graduated from Pace University, NYC with a degree in Environmental Studies and Science with a minor in Women and Gender Studies.