Request for Proposal: Digital Organizing

What We Seek: 

Mighty Earth is seeking an agency or consultant to manage online organizing, advocacy, and publicity for our campaigns in the United States and around the world to protect the environment and human rights. 


About Mighty Earth: 

Mighty Earth is a global campaign organization that works to secure a living planet with a healthy climate and where Indigenous communities are able to exercise their fundamental rights.  Mighty Earth’s campaigns have played a leading role in persuading the world’s largest food and agriculture companies to adopt policies to eliminate deforestation and human rights abuse from their supply chains and driven multi-billion dollar shifts towards clean energy.  


As Mighty Earth expands, the organization is growing online mobilization and organizing capacity. We have two major initiatives where digital work will play a critical strategic role: our global work to transform the private sector’s impact on the environment through hard-hitting markets campaigns and work in the United States to enact groundbreaking climate policy. 

In addition to traditional digital organizing, we have a strong emphasis on online-to-offline mobilization, and do significant international work as well. We seek to build an enduring movement, and amplify the voices of Indigenous and other impacted communities. 


Client Needs Outline: 

The following outlines key areas a firm or consultant will fill for the organization:

Planning and Strategy:

The person in this role will work with campaign directors to clarify digital needs and goals; they will then own the digital strategy and devise long-term plans.

Email Program Management:

Mighty Earth currently uses Action Network to manage its email list. Our active list has approximately 29,000 subscribers on it, mostly acquired through online campaigning on social media. We are eager to build this list through more mobilization work, improve our messaging and rates with A/B testing, adopt segmentation strategies, and begin an ongoing fundraising program.

In addition to grassroots engagement, the consultant may be asked to assist with drafting and distributing occasional newsletters and donor email updates.


We are interested in working with a partner who has proven success in building up a small-dollar donor program with paid acquisition tactics, including advertising and list rentals, all in service of improving engagement of our supporters and converting our supporters to donors.

Social Media Strategy & Management:

Our social media presence should be an engaging communications platform, and we need a partner to develop a more robust social media strategy. We are active on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and are eager to increase our footprint across these platforms.


Work with campaign teams to create pressure on corporate executives and government policymakers. 

Visibility Advertising:

Mighty Earth launches public visibility campaigns to promote our work or initiatives as a primary tactic, using strategically-targeted digital advertising.


Proposal Requirements:

All proposals should include detailed responses to the following questions:

  1. Tell us about your work, how you onboard and work with clients, and what expertise you bring to the core requirements listed above. 
  2. Given the increasingly crowded landscape of email fundraising and the ongoing 2020 presidential race taking up ever more space, how do propose to grow our small-dollar program?
  3. How will you work with Mighty Earth to develop clear, simple messaging about complex campaigns?
  4. Describe a case in which you began a similar campaign of list growth and fundraising for a similar organization What did you achieve in the first year? At what point, if ever, did the program begin to show positive ROI?
  5. With regard to social media, how much growth is reasonable to expect from organic and paid tactics and within what timeframe? 
  6. Describe experience with digital advertising. 
  7. Our likely budget is $300,000 annually. How would you disburse this budget? Are there technologies that will be necessary to purchase internally, or will your agency own and manage all the relevant technologies?

Please contact Alex Armstrong ([email protected]) to submit a proposal and with questions. Proposals must be submitted by April 10; we anticipate making a final decision by mid-May.

Thanks so much for your interest and we look forward to meeting you.