Rapid Response Monitoring System

Mighty Earth’s Rapid Response program is stopping deforestation in its tracks. Each month, we combine satellite imagery with supply chain data to determine the global agribusinesses responsible for new cases of deforestation driven by the palm oil, soy, and cattle industries. Then we move quickly to hold those companies accountable and ensure they enforce their environmental policies before more damage is done.

Trader Tracker

Rapid ResponseOur Trader Tracker holds palm oil traders and biofuel companies publicly accountable for deforestation in their supply chains.

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About the System

How our Rapid Response teams identify cases of deforestation in the palm oil, soy, and cattle supply chains.

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Rapid Response Special Report – Cocoa

Ninety percent of West Africa’s primary forests have been destroyed. This Rapid Response report uses deforestation data between November 2017, when the CFI was signed, and November 2019 to assess cocoa-related deforestation risks in seven certified cooperatives in Côte d’Ivoire. 

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Unilever, Mars, Hershey, and World’s Largest Palm Oil Traders Suspend Rogue Supplier Over Its Relentless Deforestation

Samling scrambles to adopt sham policy to keep customers while destroying rainforests

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Samling and Mulia Sawit’s Ongoing Deforestation

In the case of two palm oil suppliers — Samling Group and Mulia Sawit Group — several palm oil traders have chosen to ignore Mighty Earth’s warnings and are, right now, still doing business with companies that have well-documented connections to ongoing deforestation.

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The new green bond may address one-third of deforestation in the Brazilian Cerrado

Deforestation in Brazil reached a record high in May of this year, and it’s possible that 2019 will be one of the worst years for deforestation within the country.

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Rapid Response Monitoring System Webinar

Following the public launch of Mighty Earth’s Rapid Response Monitoring System, Mighty Earth hosted a webinar detailing how the new system works and our long-term plans for the project. The webinar was presented by Glenn Hurowitz, CEO, Mighty Earth; Deborah Lapidus, Southeast Asia Director, Mighty Earth; and Leo Bottrill, Founder & CEO, Maphubs.

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