Mighty Earth Rapid Response Report 14

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Indonesian companies:

Global Palm Resources Group: PT Prakarsa Tani Sejati
Pactra Group: PT Arjuna Utama Sawit
Family – Jeff Setiawan and Ir. Daud: PT Rimbun Sawit Papua
Unknown Group: PT Ichiko Agro Lestari
Unknown Group: PT Bhakti Usaha Dinamik
Metro Lestari Jaya Group: PT Sawit Mandiri Lestari
Tsani Hutani Abadi Group: PT Rimba Karya Rayatama
Genting Plantations Group: PT Citra Sawit Cemerlang
Unknown Group: PT Aotani Rimba Raya
Anglo Eastern Plantations: PT Kahayan Agro Plantation


Malaysian companies:

Puncak Niaga Group: Danum Sinar Sdn Bhd
TH Plantations Group: Hydroflow Sdn Bhd
Kwantas Group: Kwantas Pelita Plantation (Balingian) Sdn Bhd

April 2019

Prepared with support from MapHubs

Sources for supply chain information: bit.ly/2VCs6mL

Supply chain information included in Rapid Response reports is based on latest publicly versions of mill disclosures and grievance logs. Mighty Earth encourages companies to send updated versions of mill disclosures as soon as they become available and any decision to suspend supplies with a given group/company listed in those mill disclosures; please send to [email protected].