President Biden

Biden Climate Summit Requires Bold Industrial Decarbonization Plan

Will world leaders show the necessary vision and political will to make heavy industry decarbonization a reality?

Automakers Must Drive Global Push for “Green Steel”

Automakers increasingly recognize that reducing the carbon footprint of their products must go beyond electrification and address the use of steel in their products.

Beef Scorecard: Global Food Brands Failing to Address Largest Driver of Deforestation

The world's top supermarket and fast-food companies are largely ignoring the environmental and human rights abuses caused by their beef products.

JBS Promises 14 More Years of Forest Destruction

The paltry scope of JBS's latest pledge demonstrates the need for us to keep the pressure on.

ArcelorMittal Decarbonization Move Highlights Urgency of Steel Emission Reductions

The global steel production sector made an important symbolic move toward tackling its massive carbon emission problem with ArcelorMittal’s unveiling of a new decarbonization initiative

The Biden Moment on Climate

We’ve waited far too long to reach this moment when movement for climate action is within reach and on the Administration’s agenda. And we’re determined to keep it there.

IEA Fails to Deliver a 1.5-degree Climate Scenario for Steel Industry

The International Energy Agency has squandered its unique opportunity to set the stage for the decarbonization of steel.

Indigenous-Led Movement Tells Brazilian Government: #HandsOffTheAmazon

Urgent action is needed to stop deforestation in the Amazon, protecting the livelihoods of Indigenous Peoples and the keeping the Amazon from ecosystem collapse due to decades of destruction.


Opposition Mounting to Anti-Forest Legislation in Indonesia

New York Times report, public announcements by major companies highlight risks to Indonesia’s economy


Justice for Tamshiyacu

Holding a cocoa company accountable for 2,000 hectares of primary forest deforestation, illegal trafficking of forest and wood products, and obstruction of justice.

sustainable food

Millions of Europeans call for full alignment of the reformed Common Agricultural Policy with the European Green Deal

Mighty Earth joins with NGOs representing millions of Europeans to ask for radical change to align farm subsidies with the European Green Deal.