Webinar | Protect Forests to Prevent Pandemics

This webinar brought together experts to speak to the link between deforestation and pandemics, the value of nature-based solutions in preventing future pandemics, and the role of private sector and regulatory agencies in driving ambitious action to protect forests.

For a campaigner against deforestation, almost dying of COVID-19 was ironic

The more we encroach into forests, the likelier it is we humans will come into contact with heretofore undisturbed animals, whose pathogens will have the exciting opportunity to penetrate new victims – us.

Mighty Earth joins call for Green Recovery for EU Agriculture

EU should publish its new "Farm to Fork" strategy to transition European agriculture towards a greener, healthier future.

New Report Identifies “Coronavirus Climate Profiteers”

Mighty Earth names top polluters exploiting the pandemic to weaken environmental protections and grab subsidies and identifies “climate heroes” doing the right thing in time of crisis

Mighty Earth and the Coronavirus – A Letter from CEO Glenn Hurowitz

An update on our plans and priorities as we navigate the Coronavirus pandemic