The Biden Moment on Climate

We’ve waited far too long to reach this moment when movement for climate action is within reach and on the Administration’s agenda. And we’re determined to keep it there.

Warren Khanna Letter Highlights Need to Stop Deforestation to Prevent Pandemics

Congress must halt the environmental degradation that increases the likelihood of global pandemics.

Climate Finance Day, les acteurs financiers appelés à agir contre la déforestation liée au soja

Les centaines d’acteurs du secteur de la finance qui se réunissent aujourd’hui au Palais Brongniart de Paris à l’occasion de la tenue du Climate Finance Day seront accueillis par des militants d’ONG venus les appeler à ne plus être complices des méfaits liés à la production de soja au Brésil.

Climate Finance Day: Financial Actors Called to Act Against Soy-Related Deforestation

NGOs set out the measures to be adopted by banks, insurers and investors to force traders to change their practices and ensure "zero deforestation" of soya



Japan’s Nippon Steel Planning for Carbon Neutrality, Signals Growing Momentum for Industrial Decarbonization

High-profile moves toward decarbonization from two of the top three steel companies indicate a significant shift in the industry's approach to climate change.

État des lieux de l’avancement de l’accord sur le caoutchouc au Cameroun

Dans l’ensemble, Halcyon a pris des mesures essentielles et encourageantes pour la protection des forêts, son engagement auprès des communautés, sa réactivité en cas d’incident et le règlement des griefs actuels et antérieurs.

Progress Update on Cameroon Rubber Accord – October 2020

The world's largest rubber company has taken vital and encouraging steps but has a long journey ahead to make its operations in Cameroon and worldwide fully sustainable.

European Parliament Urges the EU to Stop Deforestation

The European Parliament has adopted a legislative initiative report urging the European Commission to propose a strong law to ensure products sold in the Union are deforestation-free and don’t cause human rights abuses.

Petition: End Child Exploitation in Cocoa

Take action today to demand that the world’s top chocolate companies step up to fully tackle child exploitation in West African cocoa once and for all.

JBS is an Environmental and Legal Liability

In addition to their rampant lawbreaking, JBS is one of the companies driving the destruction of the Amazon. No responsible enterprise should be doing business with JBS.