WEBINAR: Environmental and human rights impacts of natural rubber processing

Watch the Swedwatch, Source International, and Mighty Earth webinar on the environmental and human rights impacts of natural rubber processing.

The Unfashionable Truth About Unsustainable Latex Rubber

Natural rubber production has been a driver of tropical deforestation, which is a major accelerant of climate change.

Is Nothing Sacred?

Indigenous people in Muoy and Inn villages in Ratanakiri were recently heartbroken to find that rubber agribusiness HAGL had partially cleared the sacred Patu Mountain

Progress Update on Cameroon Rubber Accord – October 2020

The world's largest rubber company has taken vital and encouraging steps but has a long journey ahead to make its operations in Cameroon and worldwide fully sustainable.

European Parliament Urges the EU to Stop Deforestation

The European Parliament has adopted a legislative initiative report urging the European Commission to propose a strong law to ensure products sold in the Union are deforestation-free and don’t cause human rights abuses.

European Consumers Demand Sustainable Natural Rubber: Survey

Unsustainable natural rubber is increasingly becoming a reputational risk for consumer-facing brands

Report: Michelin Covered Up Industrial Deforestation by its Indonesian Partner in “Eco-Friendly” Rubber Venture

World's largest tire company seeking millions from investors to restore forest that its own business partner destroyed.


Can Agroforestry Provide a Lifeline for Struggling Rubber Farmers and Threatened Forests?

Agroforestry is a step closer to a sustainable transformation in the natural rubber sector.

After Vote, Mighty Earth Hails Important Progress in Rubber Industry

Strong measures will improve industry’s sustainability and accountability with successful implementation

Mighty Earth Sends Strong Message to Car Companies Ahead of Crucial Rubber Industry Vote

As members prepare to vote on several key resolutions at the annual General Assembly of the Global Platform on Sustainable Natural Rubber (GPSNR), Mighty Earth has urged car companies to reaffirm their commitments to a sustainable rubber industry.

European Tire & Rubber Manufacturers Plan to Put More Vehicles on the Roads in Response to Covid-19

Proposal for an EU-funded vehicle renewal scheme would likely increase car ownership and could pose serious public health risks

Report: Bridgestone Connected to Ongoing Labor and Environmental Concerns on its Liberia Rubber Plantation

New investigation documents serious ongoing issues at the planet’s largest rubber plantation