Lobby group representing Michelin, Goodyear and Continental pressures EU Commission to exclude rubber from deforestation law

A row has erupted between NGOs and the rubber industry following lobbying by the EU tyre and rubber industry association to the European Commission, pressing for natural rubber to be excluded from forthcoming new EU due diligence regulations designed to stamp out deforestation, ecosystem loss and human rights abuses in key global commodity supply chains.  

Towards Accountability?

Companies like Vietnamese rubber and agribusiness giant HAGL Agrico quietly took to destroying lands and forests in Cambodia belonging to Indigenous communities, disrupting ecosystems, and desecrating sacred places in order to use the land for unsustainable mono-cropped industrial agriculture. 

Mighty Earth submit $1bn ‘Green bond’ application to convert Central Park and Hyde Park into rubber plantations

Two of the world’s most famous recreational parks – Central Park in New York and Hyde Park in London – could be razed and transformed into huge new industrial rubber plantations under a proposed $1billion ‘Green bond’ application submitted today by environmental campaign group Mighty Earth.

Peugeot Must Act Against Land-Grabs in Cambodia

On June 10, 2021, Mighty Earth, Equitable Cambodia, and Inclusive Development International sent an open letter to Peugeot, a global automobile brand. Despite new leadership and a strong commitment to sustainability, Peugeot has repeatedly refused to publicly condemn land grabbing and environmental damage perpetuated and caused by a subsidiary of their business partner, Truong Hai Auto Corporation (THACO).

New Mighty Earth Report Finds Agroforestry Drives Sustainability in Rubber Supply Chain

Rubber agroforestry has multiple benefits for smallholder farmers, biodiversity, and the environment.

industrial deforestation at Michelin's RLU project in Jambi, Indonesia.

Mighty Earth Urges Climate Bonds Initiative to Delist $95M Michelin “Green Bond” Amid Allegations of Industrial Deforestation

A bond tied to widespread, deliberate, and undisclosed industrial deforestation should not be labeled "sustainable."

WEBINAR: Environmental and human rights impacts of natural rubber processing

Watch the Swedwatch, Source International, and Mighty Earth webinar on the environmental and human rights impacts of natural rubber processing.

The Unfashionable Truth About Unsustainable Latex Rubber

Natural rubber production has been a driver of tropical deforestation, which is a major accelerant of climate change.

Is Nothing Sacred?

Indigenous people in Muoy and Inn villages in Ratanakiri were recently heartbroken to find that rubber agribusiness HAGL had partially cleared the sacred Patu Mountain

Progress Update on Cameroon Rubber Accord – October 2020

The world's largest rubber company has taken vital and encouraging steps but has a long journey ahead to make its operations in Cameroon and worldwide fully sustainable.

European Parliament Urges the EU to Stop Deforestation

The European Parliament has adopted a legislative initiative report urging the European Commission to propose a strong law to ensure products sold in the Union are deforestation-free and don’t cause human rights abuses.