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Cargill and Bunge Caught Destroying the Equivalent of 10,000 Football Fields for the Global Meat Trade

We Need Your Help to Stop the King of Deforestation

You’ve liked, shared, commented and rallied. Here's what else you can do to stop deforestation in Latin America.

Engajamundo Rallies Outside Sao Paulo Burger King

Look at inspiring photos of the Brazilian environmental youth activist group in action.

Cargill and Bunge face escalating pressure to clean up supply chain

In the wake of Mighty Earth’s Ultimate Mystery Meat report, soy traders Bunge and Cargill are facing escalating pressure for supply chain reform from their customers, investors, and the public around the globe.

Activists Demonstrate Nationwide Against Burger King Deforestation Links

From White Plains, New York to Austin, Texas, conscientious consumers stood together to protest Burger King’s lack of any meaningful sustainability policy.

Une enquête révèle l’implication d’une chaine de fast-food et de géants de l’agrobusiness dans une entreprise de déforestation à grande échelle en Amérique latine

Des analyses satellites, des vidéos captées par des drones et des entretiens sur le terrain témoignent des répercussions énormes de la production mondiale de viande sur les écosystèmes d’Amérique latine

New Investigation Exposes Extensive Deforestation in Latin America Connected to Burger King and Major American Agribusinesses

A new report, released today by Mighty Earth and Rainforest Foundation Norway (RFN), details findings of an investigation into Burger King and two major soy producers found in its supply chain, Cargill and Bunge.

Mighty Earth Investigation New York Times’ Most Emailed Story

New York Times reporter Hiroko Tabuchi exposed extensive deforestation in Bolivia and Brazil. It was the most emailed story this weekend.

Organizers Rally to Ask Burger King to Stop Destroying Forests for Fast Food

On Tuesday, organizers in seven cities gathered at their local Burger King to protest the burger giant's deforestation for soy. Below is the press release for the rally in Miami, Florida.