Tesco : a basket of problems for the Amazon

Palm oil and timber giant Korindo backs down in long-running case to silence civil society organizations

Three years ago Korindo instigated a libel case against a former fiscal sponsor of Mighty Earth and a German NGO for campaign statements on Korindo’s rampant deforestation

Rimba Collective Could Be a Game Changer for Commodity Agriculture

The Rimba Collective pledges to mobilize real dollars for real conservation, and has the potential to deliver gigaton-scale climate benefits and expanded habitat for orangutans, tree kangaroos and other wildlife.

Grist: How to stop runaway deforestation? Look at Indonesia.

“This is the fourth straight year that palm-oil deforestation has been at a fraction of historic levels, and trending down,” said Glenn Hurowitz, CEO of the environmental nonprofit, Mighty Earth.

Palm Oil Firm Korindo Aims to Silence NGOs With Baseless “SLAPP” Lawsuit

The lawsuit is part of an alarming worldwide trend in which powerful interests, including corporations or high-profile individuals, file lawsuits designed to harass and drain substantial resources from smaller watchdog organizations, activists, journalists, trade unions, media organizations, and those who represent the public interest.

Following BBC Investigation, Global Certification Organization FSC Must Suspend Korindo and Reopen Investigation into Fires in its Palm Oil Concessions

FSC must act with urgency to conduct a fair and transparent process, rapidly deliver remedy long overdue, and re-evaluate its decision not to suspend Korindo.

Consumers Push Back on Japanese Travel Company Driving Forest Destruction

Thousands of concerned travelers around the world have signed on to a threatened boycott of Japanese travel giant H.I.S. International, according to a new briefing paper from environmental campaign organization Mighty Earth.

European Parliament Urges the EU to Stop Deforestation

The European Parliament has adopted a legislative initiative report urging the European Commission to propose a strong law to ensure products sold in the Union are deforestation-free and don’t cause human rights abuses.


Indonesia’s Omnibus Bill Approval Poses Dire Threat to Anti-Deforestation Efforts

Palm Oil Industry Should Resist Legislative Rollback of Deforestation Restrictions


Opposition Mounting to Anti-Forest Legislation in Indonesia

New York Times report, public announcements by major companies highlight risks to Indonesia’s economy