Following BBC Investigation, Global Certification Organization FSC Must Suspend Korindo and Reopen Investigation into Fires in its Palm Oil Concessions

FSC must act with urgency to conduct a fair and transparent process, rapidly deliver remedy long overdue, and re-evaluate its decision not to suspend Korindo.

Consumers Push Back on Japanese Travel Company Driving Forest Destruction

Thousands of concerned travelers around the world have signed on to a threatened boycott of Japanese travel giant H.I.S. International, according to a new briefing paper from environmental campaign organization Mighty Earth.

European Parliament Urges the EU to Stop Deforestation

The European Parliament has adopted a legislative initiative report urging the European Commission to propose a strong law to ensure products sold in the Union are deforestation-free and don’t cause human rights abuses.


Indonesia’s Omnibus Bill Approval Poses Dire Threat to Anti-Deforestation Efforts

Palm Oil Industry Should Resist Legislative Rollback of Deforestation Restrictions


Opposition Mounting to Anti-Forest Legislation in Indonesia

New York Times report, public announcements by major companies highlight risks to Indonesia’s economy

How Pressuring Corporations Can Save the Amazon from Destruction

As severe and sweeping in impact as the Amazon deforestation crisis is, it is also avoidable.

Indonesia’s Big Palm Oil Firms Silently Complicit with Pro-Deforestation Omnibus bill

The Omnibus bill includes multiple provisions that analysts warn will worsen deforestation in Indonesia and by extension inflict international reputational harm on the palm oil sector.

Haze in Central Kalimantan

Toxic Forest Fires and COVID-19 Could Be a Deadly Combination in Southeast Asia

Smog and the COVID-19 pandemic could pose a double crisis, as experts say that air pollution could exacerbate the number of coronavirus deaths

Consumer Brands Set Precedent by Suspending Samling Group

Consumer brands like Nestlé and Unilever have taken action to suspend the group from their supply chains.

Project to Build Japan’s Largest Palm Oil Burning Power Plant Defeated

Environmental groups are celebrating today’s dissolution of Maizuru Green Initiatives GK, a company set up to build a palm oil burning power plant in Maizuru City, Japan.

Indigenous Papuan Man Killed by Brutal Beating at Korindo Palm Oil Plantation

Our hearts go out to the family and friends of Marius Betera, who are now suffering as result of this appalling act of violence.

Unilever, Mars, Hershey, and World’s Largest Palm Oil Traders Suspend Rogue Supplier Over Its Relentless Deforestation

Samling scrambles to adopt sham policy to keep customers while destroying rainforests