The UK Soy Manifesto to end meat-driven deforestation: does it fall short?

Today, UK food industry titans, including Tesco, Sainsbury’s, McDonalds, Nando’s, Nestle and KFC will launch the UK Soy Manifesto, which aims to ensure that all physical shipments of soy to the UK are ‘deforestation and conversion-free’.  

BREAKTHROUGH: Supermarkets Pledge to Cease Purchases Tied to Deforestation

This could be ground-breaking. Major European supermarkets have committed to remove suppliers who fail to meet a no deforestation rule. Now the question becomes whether this coalition of some of the world’s largest retailers will actually implement this commitment, or try to pull a bait and switch on their customers.

Jardines Caught Clearing Forest NOW in Rare Orangutan Habitat

Mighty Earth has exposed a new threat to the rarest great ape on the planet, and the world is watching. The critically endangered Tapanuli orangutan of northern Sumatra was just identified in 2017 and fewer than 800 exist in the world, but satellite imagery from the past two weeks shows their habitat being eaten away by deforestation.