Environmentalists Greet New Tyson CEO Dean Banks With “Welcome” Protest on First Week of Work 

NWA citizens rally at Tyson HQ as CEO starts job, calling for fulfilled promises, transparency, regenerative agricultural practices and community health.

Local Groups Sign Open Letter Calling on Tyson CEO to Fulfill Sustainability Promises

Over 230 local business, farmer, environmental, and community groups from across the country have joined the nation-wide campaign to hold America’s largest meat company accountable for the water pollution affecting their communities.

#CleanItUpTyson campaign kicks off across the country

Last week, communities from Des Moines to New Orleans met in town halls across the country to build the call for Tyson’s CEO to #CleanItUpTyson. Community members gathered to share ideas and brainstorm strategies for urging America’s largest meat company to clean up pollution from its supply chain...

Mighty Earth partners with Green Corps to Clean Up America’s Meat

Tyson Foods needs to step up and make a clear commitment to cleaning up pollution from its meat that is contaminating waters across the country. That’s the core message that Green Corps organizers will be bringing to communities most affected by this pollution as part of Mighty Earth’s campaign for cleaner meat.

Flash Mob Infects Pharma Conference with Spirit Of Change

Activists and pharmaceutical executives met on the sidewalk.It was an opportunity to engage directly with pharmaceutical manufacturers on manufacturing pollution, which they have in their power to eliminate.

Tell CVS: Stop Superbug Pollution

Sign the petition to demand CVS rid their supply chain of antibiotic pollution.

Campaign for Action on Pharmaceutical Pollution

In partnership with Waxman Strategies, Mighty helped coordinate a series of letters to the Food and Drug Administration and pharmaceutical companies to encourage action on antimicrobial resistance caused by pharmaceutical pollution.

Antibiotic Factories Compounding Superbug Spread

‘Dirty’ factories supply U.S. drug retailers

Waste From Pharmaceutical Plants in India and China Promotes Antibiotic-Resistant Superbugs

Pharmaceutical pollution of any type can be deadly, threatening habitats and poisoning drinking water. But antibiotic pollution doubles down on the dangers. The release of antibiotics into soil, streams, rivers and lakes creates a perfect storm for antimicrobial resistance to develop and spread.

Public Health Leader Responds to Pledged Commitment to Address Superbug-Producing Waste

It is encouraging to see these thirteen companies acknowledge that this is a problem and map out a path to protecting public health and the environment. When it comes to AMR, it’s all or nothing. As long as any source of resistance is allowed to persist, so does the risk to our health.

Pharmaceutical Companies Exposed as Contributors to Antimicrobial Resistance

Ahead of a United Nations high-level meeting on antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in New York on Wednesday, a coalition of environmental and public health organizations released a critical report connecting major pharmaceutical companies to the development of superbugs.

Bad Medicine

It’s likely that antibiotics sold in the US are products of factories that pollute antibiotics into the atmosphere in China and India. 2015’s Bad Medicine report connects the dots.