Joint Op-ed: France’s Promise to End Deforestation is Endangered

After two years of status quo or incremental progress – often led by French industry and NGOs – it is urgent that the government finally act decisively.

Major Supermarkets in France Commit to Fighting Soy-Driven Deforestation: Our Reaction

Almost all supermarkets in France – Carrefour, Casino, Auchan, Lidl, Metro, Système U, Mousquetaires and Leclerc – have announced measures to end the use of soy produced on deforested land.

New Campaign Tells Big Business: Protect Forests to Prevent Pandemics

A new video calls on major corporations to protect forests to help prevent the next global pandemic.

UK Law Must Go Further to Fight Deforestation

Today, the UK government introduced its Environment Bill “to clamp down on illegal deforestation and protect rainforests.” The Bill would require greater due diligence from businesses on sourcing standards, with a focus on removing illegal deforestation from supply chains. In response to the Bill, Robin Willoughby, Mighty Earth UK Director, released the following statement...

Climate Finance Day: Financial Actors Called to Act Against Soy-Related Deforestation

NGOs set out the measures to be adopted by banks, insurers and investors to force traders to change their practices and ensure "zero deforestation" of soya

European Parliament Urges the EU to Stop Deforestation

The European Parliament has adopted a legislative initiative report urging the European Commission to propose a strong law to ensure products sold in the Union are deforestation-free and don’t cause human rights abuses.

Indigenous-Led Movement Tells Brazilian Government: #HandsOffTheAmazon

Urgent action is needed to stop deforestation in the Amazon, protecting the livelihoods of Indigenous Peoples and the keeping the Amazon from ecosystem collapse due to decades of destruction.

Report: Michelin Covered Up Industrial Deforestation by its Indonesian Partner in “Eco-Friendly” Rubber Venture

World's largest tire company seeking millions from investors to restore forest that its own business partner destroyed.

BBC: Food Firms Urging Tougher Deforestation Rules

Nature doesn't recognise the difference between legal and illegal deforestation.


Indonesia’s Omnibus Bill Approval Poses Dire Threat to Anti-Deforestation Efforts

Palm Oil Industry Should Resist Legislative Rollback of Deforestation Restrictions


Fact Check: JBS Exaggerates Deforestation Commitment

The latest in a long line of JBS public commitments without follow-through.


Opposition Mounting to Anti-Forest Legislation in Indonesia

New York Times report, public announcements by major companies highlight risks to Indonesia’s economy