Trump’s Corporate Allies Use COVID-19 to Roll Back Critical Ocean Protections

Do not let corporations like StarKist use a global pandemic as a sneaky and disingenuous excuse to undermine critical climate resiliency efforts.

Another Major Company Drops Cargill over Deforestation Concerns

Reports indicate that Grieg Seafood has excluded Cargill Aqua Nutrition from its $92 million green bond over concerns about Cargill's role in environmental destruction in Brazil.

U.S. Leaders: Protect Our Oceans from Climate Change

We have successfully brought back many fish stocks from overfished levels, but now we need to protect them in a changing climate.

As Massive Dead Zone Blooms in Gulf, Hold Industrial Farming Companies Responsible

NOAA announced that scientists have determined that this year's Gulf of Mexico “dead zone” is 6,952 square miles, nearly the size of New Jersey.

Call on Walgreen’s to stop selling blue whale’s food as nutritional supplements

Antarctica is the world’s last great refuge, guaranteed by treaty to be free from commercial exploitation. Unfortunately, this protection didn’t extend to the Southern Ocean that surrounds Antarctica, leaving its immense marine life vulnerable.

A powerful Washington player takes on Walgreens to protect Antarctic krill

Krill populations in Antarctica have dropped by 40 to 80 percent in the past 30 years. It’s not just from overfishing — krill also need sea ice, which is retreating as the climate warms. With fewer krill, two species of penguins are in rapid decline, and Antarctic blue whales have been pushed closer to extinction.

Vacuuming Antarctica for Krill: The Corporations Plundering the Earth’s Last Frontier

SumOfUs report shows how Walgreens, CVS, and other retailers are selling nutritional supplements that put blue whales and penguins at risk. This exploitation is ultimately dependent on a market for krill-based products.