Chocolate Scorecard 2023: cocoa’s impact on deforestation and climate

When biting into a bar of chocolate, many chocolate lovers have no idea where the raw ingredient, cocoa, comes from, nor the impact that its production has on nature and our changing climate

Sweet Nothings: Deforestation Remains High across Ghana & Côte d’Ivoire

Deforestation across Côte d'Ivoire & Ghana’s cocoa growing regions in 2022 remained stubbornly high.

Sustainability initiatives will fail until companies pay more for cocoa warns new report co-published by Mighty Earth

After years of intense lobbying by Mighty Earth and other civil society groups, EU policymakers have agreed on a landmark new zero-deforestation law to ban agricultural goods linked to deforestation and forest degradation from being sold in EU markets. Mighty Earth's hailed it as "historic" but says it's not without flaws. Read more

Mighty Earth launches new interactive map to track cocoa-driven deforestation in Ghana

The launch of Mighty Earth’s new Cocoa Accountability Map for Ghana comes as the organisation reveals forest loss in the country remains stubbornly high, despite pledges by the Ghanian government and the chocolate industry to reduce cocoa-driven carbon emissions and forest loss. Read more