Future of orangutans in balance as company with Scottish roots searches for gold – Ian Redmond

Now is the time for the global economy to move from an extractive view of nature, where nature is seen as an ‘externality’ with a value of zero until mined or logged to a more regenerative view.  Like all life on earth, including orangutans, humans depend on the ecosystem services provided by natural processes and yet they do not appear in our balance sheets. 

Statement in Response to Tragic Mudslide in Batang Toru, Indonesia

Our hearts go out to the families of the people who have been killed or injured in this tragic disaster.

Revealed: Newly-discovered orangutan species is ‘being driven to extinction’ by British firm’s goldmine

UK Environment minister Lord Goldsmith has said the company has a "moral obligation" to stop degrading the environment.

Dam Threatening Extinction of Tapanuli Orangutans Delayed at Least Three Years

In a win for the endangered Tapanuli orangutans, the Batang Toru dam project in North Sumatra is halted over environmental concerns.

New Analysis: Batang Toru Hydroelectric Plant ‘Unnecessary’

The dam's backers have mischaracterized, exaggerated, or manufactured much of the rationale for the project.

International Orangutan Day: Meet the Most Endangered Great Ape

This International Orangutan Day, join Mighty Earth in our fight to protect the Tapanuli orangutan and sign the petition to Indonesian President Joko Widodo.

Resistance Grows to US$ 1.6b Dam That Threatens New Orangutan Species and Communities

Fact-finding mission discovers growing local opposition to dam construction