BBC: Food Firms Urging Tougher Deforestation Rules

Nature doesn't recognise the difference between legal and illegal deforestation.


Fact Check: JBS Exaggerates Deforestation Commitment

The latest in a long line of JBS public commitments without follow-through.

Smoke in Porto Vehlo

2020 Amazon Fires Linked to Deforestation by JBS, Marfrig, and Minerva; Likely Exacerbated COVID-19 Outbreaks

The only way these companies will change their practices is if the grocery stores that people trust – Metro, Costco, Casino, and Ahold Delhaize stores like Giant, Food Lion, and Stop & Shop – stop buying from the arsons of the Amazon.

Cargill’s Vague Plan to Address its Environmental Destruction Lacks Key Details

The action from Cargill follows a year of campaigning by Mighty Earth and communities across the American Midwest and South concerned about agricultural runoff pollution.


Tell the EU Commission corporations shouldn't be allowed to sell products that drive deforestation

After Blockbuster Report, Costco, Stop & Shop, and Carrefour Must Cancel Contracts with JBS

JBS is a menace to our planet and the Indigenous peoples for whom these forests are home.

Protests Push Costco, Stop & Shop to Cut Ties With Forest-Destroying Suppliers Cargill and JBS

"We applaud their bravery for taking action responsibly in the midst of a global pandemic, and welcome this progress in the fight to decouple economic growth from environmental destruction."

Supermarkets Urged to Actually Stop Buying from Companies Destroying the Amazon

Action is necessary to stop the bulldozing of the Amazon and the killing of Indigenous people

Big Meat Companies Are Making the Pandemic Worse

In the midst of a global crisis, the meat industry continues to pack people and animals into factories, fueling the spread of the current pandemic and making the next one more likely.

In 2020, Retailers Must Stop Stocking Environmental Destruction

Supermarkets largely dictate the kinds of food that people have access to, and their buying decisions can therefore mean the difference between healthy ecosystems and ecological destruction.