Mighty Earth reacts to US Steel agreement to supply General Motors with sustainable steel

Mighty Earth reacts to US Steel agreement to supply General Motors with sustainable steel.

Cold Steel, Hot Climate

Steel Companies Agree to Accelerate Decarbonization

NGOs Support New Standard to Address 8% of World’s Climate Pollution.

President Biden

Biden Climate Summit Requires Bold Industrial Decarbonization Plan

Will world leaders show the necessary vision and political will to make heavy industry decarbonization a reality?

Automakers Must Drive Global Push for “Green Steel”

Automakers increasingly recognize that reducing the carbon footprint of their products must go beyond electrification and address the use of steel in their products.

ArcelorMittal Decarbonization Move Highlights Urgency of Steel Emission Reductions

The global steel production sector made an important symbolic move toward tackling its massive carbon emission problem with ArcelorMittal’s unveiling of a new decarbonization initiative

Major industrial companies and civil society groups support new global framework for decarbonizing heavy industry

The first of its kind, a global framework to call upon policymakers to decarbonize their heavy industries as part of COVID-19 economic recovery plans has been released today.

Nippon Steel, Number Three Steelmaker Globally, Officially Commits to Carbon Neutrality

Yesterday, President Eiji Hashimoto of Japan’s Nippon Steel released a plan to reach carbon neutrality by 2050. This announcement comes shortly after similar 2050 carbon neutrality pledges were made by Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga, as well as the world’s largest steel company, ArcelorMittal.

Cold Steel, Hot Climate

How to Decarbonize Steel

The world’s biggest steel company says it wants to be carbon neutral - here are the steps to get there.

Japan’s Nippon Steel Planning for Carbon Neutrality, Signals Growing Momentum for Industrial Decarbonization

High-profile moves toward decarbonization from two of the top three steel companies indicate a significant shift in the industry's approach to climate change.

IEA Fails to Deliver a 1.5-degree Climate Scenario for Steel Industry

The International Energy Agency has squandered its unique opportunity to set the stage for the decarbonization of steel.

Cold Steel, Hot Climate

ArcelorMittal’s New Carbon-Neutral Commitment Could Catalyze Steel Industry Transformation

As the largest steel company in the world, ArcelorMittal is responsible for close to one percent of all climate pollution. We welcome ArcelorMittal's pledge to become carbon neutral by 2050 as an important step toward addressing the outsized impact of the steel industry and a critical victory for climate and the environment.