Mighty Earth calls for urgent action from UK retailers & government to end deforestation

Mighty Earth calls for urgent action from UK retailers & government to end deforestation. It follows film screening and panel event highlighting threats to Amazon’s Indigenous communities from meat & soy trade

Michelin moves to keep rubber in EU Deforestation Regulation

The French tire giant, Michelin has become the first major company to back the inclusion of natural rubber in the new EU deforestation regulation, currently going through final negotiations. The tire industry is by far the biggest user of this commodity. Read more here on Michelin’s statement and Mighty’s response.

Carrefour is STILL smoking us out! And we have new evidence!

Mighty Earth launched a new report and campaign in September calling on the French retail giant to urgently clean up its supply chains and cut ties with industrial meat and soy traders driving deforestation.

Excavator in action at RLU/LAJ concession on High Conservation Value (HCV) potential area on the edge of Bukit Tigapuluh National Park, Jambi in Sumatra, November 2014. Credit: TFT/Earthworm (2014)

New investigation alleges deforestation and greenwashing linked to Michelin.

A major new year-and-a-half long investigation by Voxeurop into a “sustainable” rubber project by French tire giant Michelin and Indonesian conglomerate Barito Pacific has led to fresh allegations of widespread deforestation, wildlife habitat destruction, and greenwashing linked to the joint venture. 

The investigation, initially sparked by Mighty Earth’s 2020 Complicit report, alleges investors in a $95 million so-called “green bond” used to finance the PT Royal Lestari Utama (RLU) project in Jambi, Sumatra, were misled and never told that Michelin’s local partner had deforested thousands of hectares of tropical rainforest and global priority wildlife habitats just prior to the launch of the flagship project in January 2015.

Agribusiness plan to end deforestation: no targets, no accountability, more destruction

The meat industry lost a golden opportunity to end deforestation today and seems hell-bent on making sure they keep missing. The roadmap’s insistence that individual companies undertake best efforts to establish individual cut-off dates for deforestation no later than 2025 means the bulldozers will keep running and the destruction will continue.

Mighty Earth’s Glenn Hurowitz speaks to BBC World’s Newsday

Mighty Earth's CEO Glenn Hurowitz joined BBC World News earlier today for live coverage of President-elect Lula's victory in Brazil. Lula is promising to put Indigenous communities and the protection of the #Amazon at the heart of his political and economic plans. He'll be welcomed onto the world stage at the upcoming climate conference in Egypt to outline his vision. Commenting, Mighty's CEO said it's a huge boost for the planet to have a leader of a large country like Brazil prioritising people, climate and nature.

Advertising: Environmental Campaign on UK Retailer

Mighty Earth is seeking an agency or independent consultant to develop and implement an approximately £100,000 advertising campaign in the UK focused on creating pressure on a major supermarket chain to 1) cease sourcing meat products linked to deforestation and climate pollution and 2) shift to more sustainable protein.  

What a profound relief for the Amazon – Lula beats Bolsonaro

Lula’s election really is a big deal: When you dig into his agenda for the environment, it’s exhilarating: 

Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning Assessment

Mighty Earth seeks a Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (MEL) consultant to assist us in analyzing the effectiveness of our programs and organizational operations in achieving our intended outcomes and provide recommendations for maximizing our impact and achievement of specific outcomes.

Climate Week NYC: Mighty Earth calls time on supermarkets linked to deforestation

NEW YORK (September 22, 2022) – Mighty Earth brought a peaceful and powerful protest to save our precious forests and the people and wildlife who live there, to the Forest Positive Coalition of Action meeting, taking place during New York Climate Week.

Michigan Climate Organizing Internship

Mighty Earth is launching a new campaign to transform and decarbonize the auto industry. The transportation sector is responsible for a shocking 24% of world emissions - largely due to cars.

Victory: Mighty Earth celebrates European Parliament’s vote to include rubber in legislation aimed at ending deforestation in EU supply chains

Forest campaigners are celebrating an important win in the European Parliament, which this week voted overwhelmingly to strengthen proposed legislation preventing goods linked to deforestation from being sold in the European Union. Sustained and effective lobbying by Mighty Earth and others means natural rubber is now on that list.