Ramping Up Pressure on ADM & Bunge’s Board to Cut Off Deforestation

Mighty Earth has been campaigning for years to hold these ADM and Bunge accountable for stopping deforestation and is calling on ADM and Bunge’s Board to immediately implement the practices necessary to address concerns brought forth by these shareholder proposals.

Ending U.S. Companies’ Complicity in Illegal Deforestation

Today, Mighty Earth joined with a number of civil society organizations to call on Congress and the Biden-Harris administration to "pass legislation to prevent agricultural commodities produced on illegally deforested land from entering the U.S. market and establish due diligence requirements on relevant commodity imports."

Déforestation et atteintes aux droits humains en Amazonie : des représentants des peuples autochtones et ONG internationales assignent Casino en justice

Ce mercredi 3 mars 2021, des représentants des peuples autochtones d’Amazonie brésilienne et colombienne, ainsi que des organisations non gouvernementales (ONG) françaises et américaines, assignent en justice le groupe Casino devant le tribunal judiciaire de Saint-Etienne, en raison de ses ventes en Amérique du Sud de produits à base de viande bovine, liée à la déforestation et à l'accaparement de terres des peuples autochtones. 

Amazon indigenous communities and international NGOs sue supermarket giant Casino/Pão de Açúcar/Éxito over deforestation and human rights violations

Indigenous peoples from the Brazilian and Colombian Amazon and non-governmental organizations from France and the US today filed a lawsuit in the Saint-Etienne court against global retail giant Groupe Casino over selling beef products linked to deforestation and land grabbing.

Myanmar Security Forces: Stop Violent Attacks on Peaceful Demonstrators

Killings of Unarmed Civilians Demand Urgent Investigation & Accountability

Major industrial companies and civil society groups support new global framework for decarbonizing heavy industry

The first of its kind, a global framework to call upon policymakers to decarbonize their heavy industries as part of COVID-19 economic recovery plans has been released today.

WEBINAR: Environmental and human rights impacts of natural rubber processing

Watch the Swedwatch, Source International, and Mighty Earth webinar on the environmental and human rights impacts of natural rubber processing.

Le géant de la volaille LDC renforce ses engagements contre la déforestation: notre réaction

Le numéro 1 européen de la volaille, le groupe LDC, qui possède les marques Marie, Le Gaulois ou encore Maître Coq adopte de nouvelles mesures pour mettre fin à ses importations de soja lié à la déforestation.

Europe’s largest poultry company pledges to stop buying soy from deforested land in the Cerrado after 2020

The biggest chicken producer in Europe, Groupe LDC, has adopted new measures to stop buying soy linked to deforestation in Brazil. This is yet another announcement that increases pressure on global soy traders.

Grist: How to stop runaway deforestation? Look at Indonesia.

“This is the fourth straight year that palm-oil deforestation has been at a fraction of historic levels, and trending down,” said Glenn Hurowitz, CEO of the environmental nonprofit, Mighty Earth.

Communiqué de presse Mighty Earth sur la nouvelle carte de responsabilité du cacao 3.0

La nouvelle carte de responsabilité du cacao 3.0 de Mighty Earth révèle 47 000 hectares de déforestation dans les principales régions productrices de cacao en Afrique de l'Ouest.