Civil society calls for JBS to be stripped of A minus climate rating

Environmental disclosure group CDP raised Brazilian meat giant’s climate score despite JBS’s huge climate emissions and dire deforestation record

Chocolate Scorecard 2023: cocoa’s impact on deforestation and climate

When biting into a bar of chocolate, many chocolate lovers have no idea where the raw ingredient, cocoa, comes from, nor the impact that its production has on nature and our changing climate

팜유와 목재의 공룡 코린도, 시민 사회단체들을 침묵시키기 위한 장기 소송에서 철수

(독일 함부르크, 2023년 2월 21일) 독일의 한 판사가 사건을 기각할 것으로 보이는 가운데, 코린도 그룹의 계열사는 장기간 지속된 소송의 종료에 동의했다. 케너텍(PT Kenertec Power Systems)의 소송은 코린도의 광범위한 팜유 사업으로 위험에 처한 인도네시아 파푸아 주의 열대우림을 보호하려는 시민 사회 캠페인을 침묵시키기 위한 것이 분명했다.

Akhirnya, Korindo Cabut Gugatan ‘SLAPP’ Tak Berdasar terhadap Sejumlah Organisasi Masyarakat Sipil

Tiga tahun lalu perusahaan Korindo menggugat sejumlah organisasi masyarakat sipil dengan tuduhan pencemaran nama baik atas pernyataan kampanye mereka mengenai deforestasi Korindo yang merajalela. Korindo mundur dari gugatan setelah melihat gelagat akan kalah di meja sidang.

Mighty Earth reacts to US Steel agreement to supply General Motors with sustainable steel

Mighty Earth reacts to US Steel agreement to supply General Motors with sustainable steel.

Palm oil and timber giant Korindo backs down in long-running case to silence civil society organizations

Three years ago Korindo instigated a libel case against a former fiscal sponsor of Mighty Earth and a German NGO for campaign statements on Korindo’s rampant deforestation

Mighty Earth files complaint with US Securities and Exchange Commission against JBS ‘green bonds’

Washington DC, January 17, 2023 — Senior executives at Mighty Earth have filed a whistleblower complaint to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), calling for a full investigation into alleged misleading and fraudulent “green bonds” issued by the Brazilian meat giant JBS. 

Evidence presented to the SEC details how JBS, the world’s largest meat processor with operations in over 20 countries, issued $3.2 billion in four separate debt issuances or “green bonds” in 2021, referring to them as Sustainability-Linked Bonds (SLBs) tied to its stated goal to cut its emissions and achieve “Net Zero by 2040.”  

Sweet Nothings: Deforestation Remains High across Ghana & Côte d’Ivoire

Deforestation across Côte d'Ivoire & Ghana’s cocoa growing regions in 2022 remained stubbornly high.

Vice President, Programs

Mighty Earth is accepting applications to join our team as Vice President of Programs, a critical leadership role on our “Dream Team.” In this position, you will drive the strategic direction of our campaigns for Nature and climate at one of the most effective environmental advocacy organizations in the world. You will oversee talented senior leaders of programs to protect the Amazon and other rainforests, transform the global meat industry, shift to regenerative agriculture, and decarbonize industry in ways that advance the rights of Indigenous and local communities. You will also help develop new programmatic initiatives with outsized potential to protect Earth and its inhabitants, such as work on rewilding and the finance sector.