Supreme Court Must Hold Cargill and Nestle Accountable for Child Slavery

Nestle and Cargill’s request to the Supreme Court is as simple as it is audacious: they are demanding immunity from international law for human rights violations.

Cocoa Barometer 2020 demands system change to end cocoa poverty

After two decades of failed interventions across the cocoa sector, cocoa farming communities are still battling the effects of poverty, child labour and deforestation.

VOICE response to latest NORC research on child labour in the cocoa sectoresponse to latest NORC research on child labour in the cocoa sector

Despite two decades of efforts, the cocoa sector has still not been able to significantly reduce – let alone eliminate – child labour on West African cocoa farms.

Joint Op-ed: France’s Promise to End Deforestation is Endangered

After two years of status quo or incremental progress – often led by French industry and NGOs – it is urgent that the government finally act decisively.

Major Supermarkets in France Commit to Fighting Soy-Driven Deforestation: Our Reaction

Almost all supermarkets in France – Carrefour, Casino, Auchan, Lidl, Metro, Système U, Mousquetaires and Leclerc – have announced measures to end the use of soy produced on deforested land.

La Grande Distribution S’engage Contre la Déforestation Liée Au Soja: Notre Réaction

La quasi-totalité de la grande distribution française - Carrefour, Casino, Auchan, Lidl, Metro, Système U, Mousquetaires et Leclerc- annoncent aujourd’hui des mesures pour mettre fin à l’utilisation de soja issu de la déforestation.

New Campaign Tells Big Business: Protect Forests to Prevent Pandemics

A new video calls on major corporations to protect forests to help prevent the next global pandemic.


ワシントンDC - 環境キャンペーン組織マイティアースの新しい報告書は、環境問題を憂慮する世界中の何千人もの旅行者が、日本の旅行大手H.I.S.インターナショナルに対する不買運動への賛同を表明したと述べています。

Following BBC Investigation, Global Certification Organization FSC Must Suspend Korindo and Reopen Investigation into Fires in its Palm Oil Concessions

FSC must act with urgency to conduct a fair and transparent process, rapidly deliver remedy long overdue, and re-evaluate its decision not to suspend Korindo.

Consumers Push Back on Japanese Travel Company Driving Forest Destruction

Thousands of concerned travelers around the world have signed on to a threatened boycott of Japanese travel giant H.I.S. International, according to a new briefing paper from environmental campaign organization Mighty Earth.

UK Law Must Go Further to Fight Deforestation

Today, the UK government introduced its Environment Bill “to clamp down on illegal deforestation and protect rainforests.” The Bill would require greater due diligence from businesses on sourcing standards, with a focus on removing illegal deforestation from supply chains. In response to the Bill, Robin Willoughby, Mighty Earth UK Director, released the following statement...