Mighty Earth Rapid Response Report 1

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PT Bintuni Agro Prima Perkasa, PT Guntur Madu Agrotama, PT Kahayan Agro Plantation, and PT Mustika Agung Sentosa


November 2017 

Prepared with support from Aidenvironment and MapHubs

PT Bintuni Agro Prima Perkasa

Concession information: PT Bintuni Agro Prima Perkasa (PT BAPP) is located in Papua, Sorong province. Based on the forestland release permit it covers an area of 32,570 hectares.





Deforestation: Satellite imagery (see below) shows that 138 hectares of peat and peat forest were cleared on the eastern part of the concession from October 2016-August 2017.


Supply Chain: Based on mill vicinity (see map), PT BAPP likely supplies FFB to PT Yong Jing Investama, which does not feature on any public supplier lists.

Ownership Information: There are many linkages between PT BAPP and Salim Group:

• The plantation company is ultimately owned by Mr. Ir Daud through PT Cahaya Agro Pratama. Mr. Ir Daud is a former director of PT Duta Rendra Mulya, which is linked to Salim Group.

• Mr. Gunawan Sumantri, the president director of PT BAPP is also a former director of Salim companies: PT Duta Rendra Mulya and PT Andhika Wahana Putra. He is also the President Director of other plantation companies–PT Berau Sawit Sejahtera, PT Citra Palma Sejati, PT Duta Sejahtera Utama, PT Perdana Sawit Plantation, PT Subur Karunia Raya, PT Wahana Tritunggal Cemerlang and PT Wira Inova Nusantara [bit.ly/2jGeIeH]

• The concession has been publicly linked to Salim Group as one of four ‘secret’ plantations in West Papua, totalling 117,000ha







PT Guntur Madu Agrotama

Concession information: PT Guntur Madu Agrotama (PT GMA) is located in Bengkulu district in Sumatra and covers an area of 4,082 hectares, according to the HGU permit.



Deforestation: PT GMA deforested at least 92 hectares of forest from December 2016 to August 2017. See images below.



Supply Chain: PT GMA likely supplies FFB to PT Alno Agro Utama, owned by Anglo Eastern Plantations. Its main known buyers are GAR, Wilmar, Cargill and ADM.






PT Kahayan Agro Plantation




Concession information: PT Kahayan Agro Plantation is located in Gunung Mas Regency, Central Kalimantan, and covers an area of 17,500 hectares.





Deforestation: Between October 16, 2016 and September 26, 2017, an estimated 420 hectares were deforested (see satellite imagery below), including clearing of Bornean orangutan habitat as per the most recent orangutan distribution maps [Utami-Atmoko and al.: Orangutan Population and Habitat Viability Assessment: Final Report. IUCN, 2017]

Prior to October 2016, an estimated 3,593 hectares were cleared, including over 700 ha of orangutan habitat.

To see an animation of deforestation at PT Kahayan Agro Plantation, visit https://tinyurl.com/y8lrbmnn.

PT Kahayan Agro Clearance 10/16/2016 – 09/26/2017 (420 ha)



PT Kahayan Agro Tree Cover Loss 2000 -2016 (GLAD)

https://mighty.maphubs.com/api/map/297/static/render – 11.62/-0.9265/113.443


Supply chain: PT KAP likely supplies FFB to PT Tantahan Panduhup Asia, owned by Sumber Tani Agung, which is a known supplier to Wilmar.

Ownership information: PT Kahayan Agro Plantation is owned by Anglo Eastern Plantations.



Land conflicts and licensing issues at PT KAP:

Within two weeks of the acquisition of PT KAP by Anglo Eastern Plantations in 2010, the Regent of Gunung Mas issued a Plantation Business Permit (IUP) for the entire area, despite no Environmental Impact Analysis (AMDAL) having been carried out. During the subsequent AMDAL process, local Dayak communities stressed that they did not want the company on their lands.

The concerns of local people resulted in the Regent issuing a decree to PT KAP to excise local land from their concession, and banned them from negotiating land sales with local people without the regency government’s permission.

In January 2013, the Governor of Central Kalimantan issued a directive that PT KAP must comply with the Regent’s instruction, and conduct an inventory of all land claims within the concession.

Despite this, PT KAP continued its own process of acquiring land, and the directives from both the Regent and Governor appeared to have been ignored. Customary lands were not excised from the IUP area.

In 2012, a Permit for wood utilization (IPK) was issued to a third-party, PT Kahayan Hutan Lestari (KHL). Clearing and planting began on the plantation [bit.ly/2glvOhq].

In 2014, NGO reports accused PT KHL of clearing more timber on the concession than was stipulated in its license, and PT KAP of operating without a HGU license [bit.ly/2uSSq17].






PT Mustika Agung Sentosa



Concession information: PT Mustika Agro Sentosa (PT MAS), is a plantation company located in West Kalimantan with an area of 19,792 hectares, based on IUP permit.


Deforestation: Between January 2017 and August 2017, PT MAS cleared around 10 hectares of forest on the South and Northeast of its concession.



Supply chain: Based on mill vicinity (see map), PT MAS likely supplies FFB to PT Parindu or Simpang Hulu Barat, which main known buyers are Wilmar, IOI, Cargill and ADM. 

Ownership information:

• PT MAS is ultimately owned by Pribadi and Wiyono families (50/50%) through PT Citra Bumi Semesta and PT International Timber Inticor, respectively.

• Mr. Henry Pribadi, whose real name is Liem Oen Hauw, owns 77.5% shares in PT Citra Bumi Semesta, while his children own the remaining 22.5%. Mr. Henry Pribadi is one of the richest Indonesians who owns, among others, Napam cement group and the famous SCTV television network [bit.ly/2i8SA04].

• He is the cousin of Mr. Djuhar Sutanto, a very close business partner of Mr. Sudono Salim (father of Anthony Salim) and is also sitting as secretary and commissioner of some Salim’s companies [bit.ly/2g6GGQ0, bit.ly/2i8Bz6r].

• PT International Timber Inticor is owned 50/50% by Ellen and Jeffry Wiyono.