Mighty Earth Calls on Private Sector to Address Devastating Climate Impacts

Scientists have detected atmospheric levels of CO2 at 415.26 parts per million (ppm), the highest levels ever recorded. In response to these findings, Mighty Earth CEO Glenn Hurowitz released the following statement: 

“We now have evidence that we are living in a warmer climate than any in human history. The climate isn’t hot because of some general, amorphous forces, but because of specific decisions by specific companies. It’s because companies like McDonald’s still buy meat linked to the companies destroying Brazil’s forests, because BMW cheats pollution controls, because the Trump administration does polluters’ bidding, and because too many Democrats are still negotiating with themselves over a middle-ground solution to an existential crisis.

“This crisis isn’t inevitable, and can be solved – even in this era of government ignoring the problem or making it worse. Food companies can meet their commitments to end deforestation for products like palm oil and chocolate if they just rigorously enforce their existing commitments. Car companies can stop lobbying for weaker fuel efficiency requirements and double down on the race to electrify. And heavy industry, like steel and cement, can build on their progress to decarbonize.

“Just because government isn’t doing its job doesn’t mean the job doesn’t have to be done.”