Wouter Kolk

Netherlands Campaign Director



Wouter Kolk is the Mighty Earth’s Campaign Director for the Netherlands. He leads Mighty Earth’s efforts to pressure leading supermarkets, fast food chains, and investors to demand from their meat, food, and leather suppliers to end deforestation. 

Wouter is an experienced advocacy campaign leader with a track record of building campaigns that matter. He is highly motivated to contribute to a more just and green world.  

Previously Wouter was leading campaigns at PAX for peace. He built PAX’s Colombian Bloadcoal campaign to empower victim communities in Colombia resulting in substantial media coverage across Europe. The campaign also persuaded multiple companies in the coal supply chain to improve their human rights policies & practice and use their leverage to improve the situation on the ground.  

At PAX, Wouter was also responsible for setting up an international advocacy infrastructure at the UN and the EU, including the development of advocacy strategies in these arenas.  

Before joining the NGO-world, Wouter worked in politics for nine years. As political secretary he was a senior advisor to the leadership of Dutch Labour party in Parliament. He also managed different campaigns teams in the lead-up to the Dutch national elections in 2006 and 2010.  

Wouter lives in Amsterdam with his Colombian wife Diana and two kids. He loves to take his racing bike for a spin in the surrounding countryside