Robin Willoughby

United Kingdom Campaign Director

Robin Willoughby is UK Director at Mighty Earth. Robin leads Mighty Earth’s UK strategy, advocacy and campaigning to tackle deforestation in Latin America.

Previously, Robin was Head of Policy and Campaigns on Food and Climate Change at Oxfam GB, where he led large-scale campaigning efforts to end human rights violations in food supply chains. He has also planned and executed successful advocacy and campaigns on supporting those communities most impacted by climate change.

Robin has also worked at the Royal Institute for International Affairs (Chatham House) in London; the humanitarian organisation Concern Worldwide; and Global Policy Forum in New York. He previously sat on the Board of the Climate Coalition in the UK – which brings together 140 organisations to urge for UK Government action on global warming.

Robin has substantial experience of strategy, advocacy, public communications and mobilisation on issues related to international policy; as well as in public speaking.

Prior to moving to Mighty Earth, Robin has published articles and reports at Oxfam on Ending Human Suffering in Food Supply Chains; and on public-private partnerships in Africa. He is also an author or contributing author on a variety of other topics including Food Security in Gulf Cooperation Council countries; on the role of biotechnology in Africa; and on humanitarian early warning systems.

Robin has a First-Class Honours Degree in History alongside an MA in International Peace and Security from King’s College (London).