Nico Muzi

Senior Director, Europe

Nico MuziNico Muzi is the Europe Director of Mighty Earth, leading efforts to break the links between Europe’s voracious appetite for industrial meat and deforestation in Latin America. Nico has been campaigning and communicating on climate issues since the mid 2000s, but land is where his passion lies.

Nico’s link to the land goes all the way back to his childhood, when he helped his father rear cattle in Argentina’s Pampas. He started his career as a PR consultant for global PR firm Weber Shandwick. As head of the CleanTech practice of Weber’s EU office, the team he led devised a hard-hitting pan-European campaign to promote Green Diesel and jet biofuels for an American multinational. The idea of small farmers mitigating the climate impacts from transport caught his imagination. But it lasted just a few months when he realised the devastating effects of converting forests to make way for palm oil and soy to power cars and planes.

In 2012 Nico landed the job of director of communications and campaigns with Europe’s leading NGO campaigning for cleaner transport, T&E. He is most proud of three achievements at T&E.

First, he produced and co-directed the award-winning documentary, Frontera Invisible, which verses on the impact of palm oil expansion on peasant farmers and indigenous communities in Colombia. The short film has been screened in the European Parliament, four other national Parliaments and won over 20 awards and over 40 official selections.

Second, Nico successfully co-led the #NotInMyTank campaign, which galvanised public support for the European Union to stop the madness of burning palm oil in cars in the name of the climate. The 18-strong NGO coalition collected 660,000 signatures and mobilised 65,000 Europeans to submit their opinion to the public consultation.

Last but not least, Nico led the #TrueCostOfUber campaign to urge Uber to go electric. The campaign was vital in making Uber commit to an emissions-free fleet by 2040 worldwide, with an earlier, more ambitious goal of 50% electric rides in its seven biggest European capitals by 2025.

Nico holds a master’s degree on International Political Economy from the University of Kent and has published his dissertation ‘The false emancipation of intellectual labour in the knowledge economy’. After rejecting for years the idea of working out a little bit every day, he seems to finally be seeing the light with Pilates.