Mireille Bejjani

Mireille Bejjani is a Mighty Earth organizer in Minneapolis, MN working to get Tyson Foods and Cargill to adopt more sustainable meat production practices by building up public pressure on some of their biggest clients – McDonald’s and Whole Foods. She graduated from Stanford University with a BS in Biology (Honors in Ecology and Evolution) and the Notation in Science Communication. At Stanford, Mireille was President of a student group called People for Animal Welfare, and she did her thesis research on how different types of zoos have varying effects on visitors’ level of connection to natural spaces. From growing up in New York to going to school in California, Mireille has spent a lot of time on the coasts and she is excited to be living in and discovering the Midwest. She is a member of the Green Corps class of 2019.

Contact: mireille@mightyearth.org