Michael Greenberg

Senior Associate for the Decarbonization Campaign

Michael Greenberg
Senior Associate

Michael is the decarbonization campaign manager for Mighty Earth, where he focuses on pressuring the auto industry to clean up its supply chain. Prior to this, he worked on Mighty Earth’s initiative to transform industrial agriculture. Through a campaign he managed, he got the CEO of Tyson Foods to pledge to adopt regenerative practices on 2 million acres. Michael also worked on Mighty Earth’s campaign to save the Tapanuli orangutan, where his work helped persuade the Bank of China to defund an energy project slated to wipe out the species. He also spearheaded the U.S. grassroots components of a successful campaign to pressure the Japanese government to stop financing coal plants in Southeast Asia.

Outside of Mighty Earth, Michael has been a leader in the movement to Stop Line 3. He started the Treaty People Gathering, which mobilized 2,000 people to the Line 3 pipeline route and earned 1700 media hits in sources such as the New York Times. He also was a manager of the Resist Line 3 Twitter account, where his writing reached over 20 million viewers.

Michael earned a B.A. in economics from Columbia. In his spare time, he enjoys cooking, running, biking, and performing standup comedy.