Lindsay Borman


Lindsay BormanLindsay Borman is a Fellow at Mighty Earth, where she focuses on communications and strategic efforts to move large multinational agricorporations away from deforestation in the Amazon and Southeast Asia. This past Summer, among many other projects, Lindsay helped facilitate a Capitol Hill briefing on the nexus of American policy, biofuels, and industrial agriculture forest fire impacts.

Lindsay is passionate about agriculture’s role in environmental justice. Prior to Mighty Earth, Lindsay was an organizer with Sunrise Movement NYC, a grassroots coalition of young people fighting for government action on climate change, where they acted as a representative at coalition-building meetings with other organizations and as a recruitment lead on an Earth Day 2020 canvassing project, helping Sunrise move towards its goal of 50,000 pledges to strike. They were also a teaching assistant with Cornell Department of Natural Resources and a research assistant at Cornell Cooperative Extension, where she implemented field research to collect data on economic and ecological sustainability of regenerative farming models. In 2019, Lindsay lived in Zomia (Thailand), learning about reparative decolonial community based land management and how it can be applied to other areas of the world from Pgaganyaw teachers. Lindsay holds a B.S. in International Agriculture and Rural Development from Cornell University.