Kristin Urquiza

Deputy Director

As Mighty Earth’s Deputy Director, Kristin Urquiza oversees Mighty Earth’s oceans and sustainable rubber practices.

Kristin’s passion for safeguarding the environment and human rights spans her career: she led international campaigns to establish water as a human right and ecological trust; she has moved mayors, governors and members of congress to advance far-reaching environmental protections; and she was a pioneer in galvanizing public awareness and support of measures to prevent plastic bottle pollution on land in our oceans by partnering with National Parks and leading students on college campus campaigns across the country. Kristin’s work has generated extensive news coverage around the globe and mobilized tens of thousands of people to take action.

Prior to Mighty Earth, Kristin cofounded Membership Drive, where she led the development of its grassroots engagement and fundraising strategies.

Kristin is a graduate of Yale University and holds a master’s in public policy from the University of California Berkeley.