Amanda Hurowitz

Senior Director for Asia


[email protected]

Amanda Hurowitz Amanda Hurowitz is a Senior Director at Mighty Earth where she oversees the organization’s work in Asia and supports the Africa team. She had led campaigns to protect great ape habitat, ensure that Asian overseas investments drive climate action, and played a major role in Mighty Earth’s efforts to transform the cocoa industry by protecting forests and driving a shift to sustainable agroforestry practices. She also coordinates Mighty Earth’s work on US policy.

She previously worked as a Senior Director at Waxman Strategies, where she led the firm’s work on bioenergy policy, US public lands, and pandemic prevention through conservation strategies, and worked with an array of clients on building decarbonization.

Amanda taught US history and Anthropology at one of the nation’s top high schools. A leader in the green schools movement, she has been in and around environmental campaigning for her entire adult life. Notably, she and her students led a statewide initiative that succeeded in passing legislation in Virginia to allow schools to install and operate electric vehicle charging stations, lobbied at the national level to enact climate legislation, and installed one of the first solar systems on a school in the state.

She holds a Masters degree from Teachers College, Columbia University and a BA from George Washington University, where she graduated Summa Cum Laude.