Alex Wijeratna

Interim Meat Campaign Director

Alex WijeratnaAlex Wijeratna is a Campaign Director at Mighty Earth, where he works on our global Rubber campaign. Through advocacy, campaigns, research and communications, he drives efforts to end deforestation and human rights abuses throughout the global rubber industry. He’s also involved in our efforts to end deforestation more widely.

Prior to joining Mighty Earth, Alex worked with global development group ActionAid on a broad range of food rights, rural poverty and environmental issues including land grabs, agro-ecology, global hunger, trade, climate justice, and business and human rights. He lobbied and campaigned globally on ActionAid’s successful international ‘Hunger Free’, ‘Stop Corporate Abuse’ and WTO-focused ‘Trade Justice’ campaigns and served as a policy analyst on their global Hunger Task Force during the global food price crisis.

Alex also has significant experience writing and researching human rights-based reports for a host of global civil society organizations. He conducted an investigative report on land grabbing in Brazil, Liberia, Indonesia and Mozambique for Friends of the Earth, and investigated corporate land grabs in Malawi for the Fairtrade Foundation. He exposed an iconic case of ‘biopiracy’ involving the traditional knowledge of the indigenous San Bushmen of the Kalahari, and wrote a global review of right to food polices in 22 poor countries for the International Food Security Network. He’s overseen human rights investigations of gold mining in Ghana, bauxite mining in India and platinum mining in South Africa for ActionAid, and has written widely on agro-ecology, land grabs and nutrition. With experience as a writer for The Times of London, Alex has conducted investigative research on rubber in south east Asia for Global Witness and has written policy reports for various other organizations, including Action Against Hunger, Caritas Europa and the UK Hunger Alliance – whose members include Oxfam, Care and Save the Children.

Alex earned a BA in History from Sheffield University and has a post-graduate diploma in Periodical Journalism from City University London. He’s written articles for The TimesThe Guardian, The Independent and Daily Mail, and has appeared on many national media outlets, including CNN, BBC, Sky News, Reuters and Bloomberg TV.

Career Highlights:

  • Arts writer for The Times of London
  • Exposing violations on Tesco-supplying fruit farms in South Africa
  • Restaurant critic for Fodor’s London since 1999