About Us

Mighty Earth (www.mightyearth.org) is a global advocacy organization working to defend a living planet.  Our goal is to protect half of Earth for Nature and secure a climate that allows life to flourish.  We are obsessed with impact and aspire to be the most effective environmental advocacy organization in the world.

Our team has achieved transformative change by persuading leading industries to dramatically reduce deforestation and  climate pollution throughout their global supply chains in palm oil, rubber, cocoa, and animal feed, while improving livelihoods for Indigenous and local communities across the tropics.

We’ve secured major commitments to reduce the environmental impact of meat from supermarkets and leading agribusinesses, and driven billions of dollars in investment in clean energy. We’ve helped advance major new forest and climate policies around the world, helping break the link between environmental destruction and economic growth. Mighty Earth’s approach, team and the results of our work have been featured in Inside Philanthropy, Bloomberg, The New Republic, New York Times Magazine, The New York Times,  and many other outlets.

Mighty Earth achieves transformative change by creating a “perfect storm” of campaigns, communications, and practical engagement with decision-makers that can rapidly transform whole industries and government policy. Our recent work has focused significantly on the private sector, because too many governments around the world have abdicated their responsibility for climate action and broader environmental protection. Government may not be doing its job, but the job still has to be done. Paradoxically, some of the very industries historically most responsible for these environmental challenges are also those best positioned to address them.

The Perfect Storm
The Perfect Storm

At the same time, shifting behaviors of industry leaders creates an opportunity for political realignments that can lead reformed companies to support better governance, or at least not obstruct them. In turn, government action can inspire companies to take new actions in anticipation of policy change, creating even more enduring incentives for government action. Finally, local community involvement in stronger environmental protections can create lasting cultural investment to lock in improvements. Our goal is to set this virtuous circle of private sector, government, and community action into motion across the economy – a process we believe will underpin the fundamental change needed for global decarbonization over the next decade.