Media Statement: Norwegian Pension Fund Excludes Chinese Company Over Orangutan Extinction Concerns

Amid concerns about the company’s role in driving the extinction of the world’s rarest great ape, the Norwegian Government Pension Fund Global has officially moved to exclude investment in Power Construction Corp of China Ltd (PowerChina).

PowerChina is a Chinese multinational that owns Sinohydro Corporation, the company building a massive dam in the heart of Tapanuli orangutan habitat. The Norwegian Pension Fund’s review determined that this project will “have a destructive and permanent impact on the environment, which will pose a serious threat to the survival of this orangutan species as well as other critically endangered species.”

In response to this development, Mighty Earth Senior Director for Asia Amanda Hurowitz released the following statement:

“Last year, the world committed to a Global Biodiversity Framework to urgently address the ongoing destruction of nature—and the mass extinctions of wildlife that follow. Today, the Norwegian pension fund has demonstrated what it means to take these commitments seriously.”

“The Batang Toru project will fracture the delicate habitat of the Tapanuli orangutan, scattering the small population that remains and dooming them to extinction. Anyone who looks closely will come to the same conclusion reached by the Norwegian pension fund: investing in this project means funding the destruction of one of our closest relatives in the natural world. It’s unconscionable.”

“Norway was right to abandon the Batang Toru dam. It’s long past time for China and Indonesia to do the same.”