Recruitment and Hiring 

Mighty Earth, a global environmental advocacy organization, seeks a firm or individual consultant to conduct recruitment and assist in the hiring process for the following jobs:  

Communications & Media Manager (based in Washington, DC or London)
Grants and Finance Senior Associate (based in Washington, DC)
Brazil Director
Netherlands Director
Forests Senior Associate

Proposals may be to provide recruitment and hiring support for one or more of the jobs.  

Proposals should be no more than 1-2 pages in length and include information about the applicants:  

  • Experience in and capacity for recruitment and hiring, including for jobs similar to the ones we are posting (for instance, an applicant to conduct hiring for the Communications and Media Manager job should provide examples of previous communications job searches or capacity to conduct it).
  • Network and capacity in the specific locations where we are hiring. 
  • Ability to recruit outstanding candidates for our “dream team” of impact-obsessed, “ideal team players” who are hungry to work in an innovative, entrepreneurial, and results-focused culture.  
  • Ensuring recruitment includes active outreach to racially and ethnically diverse communities, women, nonbinary, and other groups, as well as an unbiased hiring process consistent with Mighty Earth’s hiring procedures and Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion principles. 
  • Estimated timeline from a selection of consultant to hiring.  
  • Information about consultant’s typical approach to hiring and recruitment philosophy.
  • Price

Mighty Earth uses the Jazz HR platform as part of our hiring process.  

Offers will be rejected if any illegal or corrupt practices have taken place in connection with the award, and all contracts executed under the project must state that Mighty Earth may terminate the contract if it finds that illegal or corrupt practices have taken place in connection with the contract award or execution. 

Interested consultants are requested to submit an application to Jeanne-Marie Leroux at [email protected] by midnight Eastern Time (US) on Thursday, July 21; you may also submit questions to her. A selection committee may choose to conduct follow-up interviews with select applicants.  

More information about Mighty Earth and its culture is available at