Request for Proposals: Website Development

We Seek

Mighty Earth is seeking an agency or independent consultant to build us a new website and provide an easy-to-use content management system, a dashboard to allow digital and non-digital staff to understand basic website information, and best practice guidance to Mighty Earth staff.

About Mighty Earth

Mighty Earth is a global advocacy organization working to defend a living planet. We are obsessed with impact: Our goal is to protect half of Earth for Nature and secure a climate that allows life to flourish. Through our proven “perfect storm” model of driving change, we have played a leading role in persuading the world’s largest food and agriculture companies to act against deforestation, land-grabbing, and human rights abuse. We’ve driven the adoption of multi-billion-dollar shifts to clean energy.

Mighty Earth runs policy and market campaigns around the globe. Our organization has achieved transformative change by persuading leading industries to dramatically reduce deforestation and climate pollution while improving livelihoods for Indigenous and local communities.

Why a New Website? Mighty Earth is “obsessed with impact,” and we have achieved outsized successes for Nature and climate in several industries. Our current website does not reflect that dynamic. We want to share with the world what we are about and help deliver on our mission.

The content on the site has grown, and we need the design and the backend to keep up with our growth as an organization.

Project Summary

This project will involve completely rebuilding and reimaging the Mighty Earth website. We envision a stable, functional, bug-free backend that is easy for digital and non-digital staff to use and solve problems if issues arise.

The project will incorporate a modern design based on a recently undertaken branding refresh and include simple and intuitive navigation, with pages flexible to our needs. The homepage must reflect our values and project them to our key audiences in a dynamic way that allows easy changes in content.

We are looking for both the technical backend work and frontend design changes.

Goals for Website Redesign

New website design

Dynamic content throughout the site

Simple navigation & improved user journeys for visitors

Fast load times and low bounce rates

Support content in multiple languages

A stable website, easy to maintain

Futureproofing by writing elegant code that other developers can easily understand

An easy-to-use content management system

Easy to use data dashboard, allowing digital and non-digital staff to understand primary website data.

Mighty Earth staff understand what the website is for, how best to use it, and who the key audiences are for making data-led decisions on content.

Critical to the project’s success is delivering a new, simple, and stable backend and CMS.

Page types

We will need a variety of page types:

General blog post style for things like general content, updates, blog posts, and press releases

A flexible multipurpose page

A way to present digital reports both to integrate our third-party tool Shorthand, but also a way to display PDF reports

About us – bios/gallery type page

Aggregator pages – pages that collect information on topics and display them in a single place

Forms for sign-ups

Donation collection page

Other Information: We use a third-party tool for digital reports called Shorthand, and those are hosted on a separate URL –

We use Engaging Networks for our advocacy and online fundraising. Our Engaging Networks pages are:

Partners, media, funders, supporters, funders.

Time frame:

We would like the site to be completed by the end of 2022


Approximately 25,000 USD to 50,000 USD for the complete project. 

Proposal Requirements:

All proposals should include:

• Detailed plans for the scope of work

• Experience working in this area and relevant expertise.

• Examples of your work

• Timeline and needs.

• Costs

Please contact Cindy Schwartz ([email protected]) to submit a proposal and questions. Please also notify her if you are planning to submit a proposal. Proposals must be submitted by July 15; we anticipate selecting a vendor by the end of July. Mighty Earth will evaluate proposals based on the following factors: the strength of the proposal, the vendor’s experience and success in similar ventures, and budget.

Offers will be rejected if any illegal or corrupt practices have taken place in connection with the award. All contracts executed under the project must state that Mighty Earth may terminate the agreement if it finds illegal or corrupt practices connected to the contract award or execution.

Thanks so much for your interest, and we look forward to hearing from you.