UK Law Must Go Further to Fight Deforestation

Today, the UK government introduced its Environment Bill “to clamp down on illegal deforestation and protect rainforests.” The Bill would require greater due diligence from businesses on sourcing standards, with a focus on removing illegal deforestation from supply chains. In response to the Bill, Robin Willoughby, Mighty Earth UK Director, released the following statement:

“We welcome the government’s action, which follows demands from UK consumers and international brands alike for action against deforestation. But the law’s focus on illegal deforestation makes this a half measure.

“The people of the UK do not want to eat food grown in the ashes of the world’s forests. And in a time of climate crisis and mass extinctions, deforestation – whether nominally legal or illegal – accelerates environmental decline.

“We call on Parliament to ensure that the final law covers the worst corporate laggards – such as soy suppliers Cargill and Bunge and beef supplier JBS – and has the enforcement mechanisms necessary to bring about real change.”