Video: Protecting Forests to Prevent Pandemics

Deforestation has been linked to 30 percent of outbreaks of new and emerging diseases like Zika, Ebola, and COVID-19, in addition to being a major contributor to climate change and air quality problems that exacerbate the spread and impact of these diseases on human health.

Many of the world’s largest corporates, financiers, and regulatory agencies have declared that 2020 will be the key year for global action to stop deforestation. As the world scrambles to respond to the impacts of COVID-19, it is more critical than ever that efforts to protect forests continue as part of the global response.

Mighty Earth’s webinar brought together experts who spoke to the link between deforestation and pandemics, the value of nature-based solutions in preventing future pandemics, and the role of private sector and regulatory agencies in driving ambitious action to protect forests in 2020. Watch the full video: