Mighty Earth joins call for Green Recovery for EU Agriculture

This week, Mighty Earth, along with 38 other organizations, signed an open letter urging the EU to publish its new “Farm to Fork” strategy to transition European agriculture towards a greener, healthier future. 


The letter, addressed to senior European Commission officials, notes that the current COVID-19 pandemic reinforces the urgency of public policy measures designed to change the way we grow and consume food. It calls on the EU to deliver “…a Common Food Policy that is forward-looking, precautionary, resilient, social and health orientated, with an ambitious Farm to Fork strategy.” 


Mighty Earth and our allies believe that the Commission’s strategy must ensure that future food production in Europe drastically reduces greenhouse gas emissions, reverses biodiversity loss cased by intensive agricultural practices, and minimizes the impacts of farming on freshwater resources and ecosystems.


You can read the letter here.