Mighty Earth Calls on Indonesian Government to Release Imprisoned Journalist Philip Jacobson

UPDATE, Jan. 25, 2020: Philip Jacobson has been released from prison. 

Mighty Earth’s original statement is below.

As news broke of the arrest of Mongabay journalist Philip Jacobson, Mighty Earth CEO Glenn Hurowitz released the following statement:

“Indonesian President Jokowi came into office promising to fight corruption and uphold Indonesia’s democracy, but the arrest of prize-winning journalist Philip Jacobson undermines those commitments. Phil is a true champion of Indonesia’s natural resources and people, and instead of being detained under suspicious circumstances, he should be celebrated. We call on the Indonesian government to live up to its commitments to free press and the values of Pancasila by undoing this great injustice and offense to Indonesian openness and releasing Phil immediately.

“That Phil’s arrest should come on the same day that President Bolsonaro’s regime charged American journalist Glenn Greenwald with bogus crimes is no coincidence. The idea that American allies like Brazil and Indonesia would even imagine arresting American journalists for doing their jobs shows a failure of leadership on the part of the United States, which has stood for freedom of the press for generations. President Trump and Secretary of State Pompeo cannot just go soft when it comes to defending Americans in trouble overseas, and they have a sacred obligation to defend these unjustly imprisoned Americans.

“A free press is essential to creating the transparency and accountability necessary for both responsible governance and environmental stewardship, and Mighty Earth supports the right of journalists everywhere to conduct their work without fear of violence, persecution, or reprisal.”

Photo via Mongabay