Tyson: Keep Your Promise

To mark the one year anniversary of Tyson Foods’ announcement of a partnership to implement its sustainable feed sourcing commitment, Mighty Earth Campaign Director Lucia von Reusner released the following statement:

One year ago, Tyson Foods announced it would begin implementing its critically important commitment to improve farming practices on 2 million acres of U.S. corn used in animal feed by 2020. Mighty Earth subsequently decided to halt its campaign urging Tyson to clean up water pollution caused by its vast animal feed supply chain, recognizing that change takes time.

Mighty Earth’s investigations into corporate pledges to end deforestation by 2020 have found an alarming lack of follow-through, with companies continuing to fund suppliers known to be burning forests around the world. However, since its announcement, Tyson has provided no further detail or reporting on its commitment. At a time when the public is rightly skeptical of corporate sustainability initiatives that accountability or visible action, such silence is unacceptable.

As Tyson’s 2020 deadline approaches, it is critical that the company report on its progress toward improving farming practices for U.S corn.

Today, on the anniversary of its much-publicized commitment, we are calling on Tyson to provide a public update with concrete information that includes: the locations and total number of acres engaged, the practices implemented and environmental outcomes achieved for those acres (with a particular focus on reducing nutrient runoff), and specific methods for tracking and verifying environmental improvements. This information is necessary for customers, employees, local communities, and shareholders to know where and how Tyson is delivering on its sustainability promise.

Tyson Foods has a long track record as one of the most polluting companies in America. Overcoming this reputation will require transparency and clear evidence of verifiable changes that are reported to the public.

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