Petition: Tell Sumitomo Corporation to Be a Climate Leader

Sumitomo Corporation, one of the largest companies in Japan, is making climate change worse by building new polluting coal-fired power plants in Vietnam, Indonesia and Bangladesh, with at least 5 GW of new coal power planned or under construction globally. Sumitomo also owns and invests in coal mines, through which it supplies Japan with more than 6 million tons of thermal and metallurgical coal each year.

Additionally, Sumitomo Corporation is Japan’s leading importer of wood pellets and wood chips, which are burned for electricity. Japan’s soaring consumption of wood biomass is worsening climate change by increasing the intensity of logging in natural forests, accelerating the conversion of natural forests to tree plantations, and contributing to new deforestation. Sumitomo Corporation also imports biomass from various suppliers in Vietnam, even though Vietnam has a poor track record of importing and processing illegally logged wood from Africa and Southeast Asia and also presenting fraudulent certifications for wood biomass.

Sign the petition today and tell Sumitomo to end forest destruction and make the transition to clean renewable energy sources.