Mighty Earth responds to deforestation spike in the Amazon

New government data shows that 1,345 sq km of the Brazilian Amazon have been cleared in the month of July alone, an area greater than the city of Los Angeles. In response to this announcement, Mighty Earth CEO Glenn Hurowitz released the following statement:

“It’s not just President Bolsonaro who is to blame for this massive increase in Brazilian deforestation, it’s also the international companies like Cargill and JBS that are making it possible. These companies are the ones financing the deforestation and exporting meat and animal feed around the world. On a day when heat records are being shattered across Europe, it’s time for Cargill and other companies to stop buying from deforesters. We’re concerned that the combination of Bolsonaro’s weakening of environmental enforcement and the new Europe-Mercosur trade deal will only provide more opportunities for outlaw companies like Cargill to recklessly finance deforestation. Consumers should tell customers of deforestation – companies like Stop & Shop, Giant, and McDonald’s – to call on their suppliers to end their complicity in Brazil’s massive deforestation.”