It’s time to #FishYamahaOut: TAKE ACTION TODAY

Across the country, people are rising up to call on Yamaha to stop driving overfishing. Sign our petition to protect our oceans today!

From plastic pollution to climate change, our oceans are in trouble. One way that we have been successful in preserving the delicate ecosystems that they sustain is by stopping overfishing in the U.S. Unfortunately, corporations like Yamaha are recklessly spending time and money pushing for policies that would undermine the core principles that keep our fisheries both profitable and sustainable.

We can ensure that our oceans remain full of fish by doing what we have done right for years: balancing all fishing needs while still conserving our resources for future generations. Yamaha has built their global brand on musical instruments and continued to grow their company by manufacturing boat motors. We can’t let this company drive overfishing and prioritize short term sales over the long-term health of our oceans.

Musicians who play Yamaha instruments, their fans, and other potential Yamaha customers around the country know that conservation is critical to the health of our oceans and don’t want Yamaha lobbying to destroy them. Join our movement by signing our petition to Fish Yamaha Out!