Mighty Published in New Journal on Key Environmental Issues in Asia, EnviroLab Asia

Deborah Lapidus, Campaigns Director at Mighty, contributes foreword on solutions to palm oil production and expansion in Southeast Asia in the scholarly journal, EnviroLab Asia. The inaugural volume explores environmental and social impacts of the rampant growth of the palm oil industry and explores new perspectives on indigenous resistance.

Ms. Lapidus’ foreword discusses the public and environmental health issues stemming from irresponsible oil-palm production, describes the No Deforestation revolution afoot in global commodity agriculture, and lays out a vision for where the industry needs to go next. “One of our key goals is to eliminate the global market for deforestation-based palm oil and we work with many allies around the world who are committed to this same objective,” Ms. Lapidus notes.

EnviroLab Asia, a laboratory launched by the Claremont Colleges in 2015, fosters interdisciplinary knowledge and presents innovative solutions to environmental problems. The academic publication employs both environmental and social lenses to offer insight into globalization in Singapore and Malaysian Borneo. Holistic in approach, the publications subsequent academic chapters and first-person reflections illustrate EnviroLab Asia’s dedication to diverse forms of intellectual engagement.

Mighty is excited to contribute to the inaugural volume of EnviroLab Asia, and to continue to be a part of growing synergies between academics, students and NGO’s around the world working to solve the deforestation challenge.