Activists Demonstrate Nationwide Against Burger King’s Deforestation

Last week, Mighty Earth revealed the deforesting practices of Burger King suppliers Cargill and Bunge in our report, The Ultimate Mystery Meat: Exposing the Secrets Behind Burger King and Global Meat Production. Following the release, there was a groundswell of consumer concern culminating in rallies outside Burger Kings across the country. In Miami, East Lansing, MI, Atlanta, Austin and White Plains, NY, conscientious consumers stood together to protest Burger King’s lack of any meaningful sustainability policy.

These activists experienced a wide array of reactions from store managers. Some threatened to call the police; others spoke of the deforestation they had witnessed first-hand growing up in South America.

On-the-ground action was met with social media organizing, as customers made their voices heard on Twitter and Facebook, demanding Burger King green up its act.

It was a heartening week of action against corporate environmental devastation. And it’s not too late to join! Sign our petition to demand Burger King rid its supply chain of deforestation now.