Mighty Earth is a global campaign organization that works to protect the environment. We focus on the big issues: conserving threatened landscapes like tropical rainforests, protecting oceans, and solving climate change.

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Cote d’Ivoire CFI Report Presentation: First Two Years of Implementation

Côte d'Ivoire recently published the implementation report for the first two years of the Cocoa and Forests Initiative (CFI).

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Palm Oil Firm Korindo Aims to Silence NGOs With Baseless “SLAPP” Lawsuit

The lawsuit is part of an alarming worldwide trend in which powerful interests, including corporations or high-profile individuals, file lawsuits designed to harass and drain substantial resources from smaller watchdog organizations, activists, journalists, trade unions, media organizations, and those who represent the public interest.

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Mighty Earth Statement on the attack against Brazilian investigative journalists

Mighty Earth strongly condemns the series of online attacks perpetrated over the last days against the investigative journalism NGO, Repórter Brasil, that caused its website to crash and were followed by a demand to suppress investigative reports.

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Is Nothing Sacred?

Indigenous people in Muoy and Inn villages in Ratanakiri were recently heartbroken to find that rubber agribusiness HAGL had partially cleared the sacred Patu Mountain

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Sustainable Soy in Brazil is Possible – Why are Soy Traders Blocking it?

The question is not if, or how, Brazilian farmers can sustainably produce soy and be paid for their efforts. Instead, the question is: when will soy traders take advantage of the opportunity before them and provide a sustainable future for Brazilian farmers.

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Agribusiness giants JBS and Cargill complicit in razing forests, new monitoring system reveals  

Mighty Earth had launched a Soy & Cattle Deforestation Tracker, a unique monitoring system that links mega-farms responsible for large-scale deforestation and land clearance in the Brazilian Amazon and Cerrado to major soy traders and meatpackers.

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Nippon Steel, Number Three Steelmaker Globally, Officially Commits to Carbon Neutrality

Yesterday, President Eiji Hashimoto of Japan’s Nippon Steel released a plan to reach carbon neutrality by 2050. This announcement comes shortly after similar 2050 carbon neutrality pledges were made by Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga, as well as the world’s largest steel company, ArcelorMittal.

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Cold Steel, Hot Climate

How to Decarbonize Steel

The world’s biggest steel company says it wants to be carbon neutral - here are the steps to get there.

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Stop Biomass Power Generation with Large-scale Fuel Import

Today, 32 environmental NGOs in Japan and overseas, including Mighty Earth, released a joint statement calling on Japan to stop biomass power generation with large-scale imported fuels.

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Supreme Court Must Hold Cargill and Nestle Accountable for Child Slavery

Nestle and Cargill’s request to the Supreme Court is as simple as it is audacious: they are demanding immunity from international law for human rights violations.

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Cocoa Barometer 2020 demands system change to end cocoa poverty

After two decades of failed interventions across the cocoa sector, cocoa farming communities are still battling the effects of poverty, child labour and deforestation.

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VOICE response to latest NORC research on child labour in the cocoa sectoresponse to latest NORC research on child labour in the cocoa sector

Despite two decades of efforts, the cocoa sector has still not been able to significantly reduce – let alone eliminate – child labour on West African cocoa farms.

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Key Pillars.

  • We start with common ground.
    We believe in the fundamental goodness and decency of people. We don’t approach opponents as enemies or adversaries: we recognize them, as humans with strongly held convictions, interests and motivations, just like us. When we can make progress through negotiation or consensus, we go for it. Because we know that effecting lasting change is not a zero-sum game: if we can eliminate “winning” and “losing” from the equation, we’re that much closer to our goal.
  • We’re prepared to act now.
    We have the courage, experience and resources to move quickly and hit hard—but never without a deliberate strategy. If our initial strategy fails, we simply regroup and bounce back with an equally viable angle. Whether taking on an interest group or the CEO of a Fortune-100 company, we persevere because we are unafraid and inexhaustible. When it comes to protecting the Earth and its creatures, no ght is too big or too small.
  • We seek lasting change, not power.
    Our agenda doesn’t end with us. To realize our ambitious goals, we need a movement— we can’t do it alone. Big things happen when we can inspire others to join our ght, so we seek out and empower like-minded people to act. If we are successful in our pursuit, we don’t need personal recognition.