Mighty Earth is a global campaign organization that works to protect the environment.  We focus on the big issues: conserving threatened landscapes like tropical rainforests, protecting oceans, and solving climate change.

Latest Updates

Key elements for an agreement between the EU and cocoa-producing countries, to ensure sustainability in the cocoa sector

The paper outlines a vision for a new partnership agreement between the European Union and the governments of Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire to tackle deforestation, poverty and social issues in the cocoa sector. It outlines what an agreement should look like, how it should be negotiated, who should be involved, and how it could work with expected new EU laws to address imported deforestation and human rights abuses.

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Global Call to End Coal Marks First Climate Test for New Japanese Administration

The planned Matarbari Phase 2 coal plant would further burden Bangladeshis with air pollution, pollute fish and farmland with mercury pollution, and place them at further risk from climate change impacts.

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After Vote, Mighty Earth Hails Important Progress in Rubber Industry

Strong measures will improve industry’s sustainability and accountability with successful implementation

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Indigenous Organizations and NGOs Warn Top French Supermarket Casino: Stop Gambling With Our forests!

An international coalition of associations is calling on the Casino Group to take all necessary measures to exclude beef from deforestation and grabbing of Indigenous territories in its supply chains in Brazil, Colombia, and beyond.

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Cargill’s Vague Plan to Address its Environmental Destruction Lacks Key Details

The action from Cargill follows a year of campaigning by Mighty Earth and communities across the American Midwest and South concerned about agricultural runoff pollution.

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Mighty Earth Sends Strong Message to Car Companies Ahead of Crucial Rubber Industry Vote

As members prepare to vote on several key resolutions at the annual General Assembly of the Global Platform on Sustainable Natural Rubber (GPSNR), Mighty Earth has urged car companies to reaffirm their commitments to a sustainable rubber industry.

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Ranking Soy Traders’ Performance on Deforestation

Assessing the sustainability efforts of six of the largest soy traders.

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Tell the EU Commission corporations shouldn't be allowed to sell products that drive deforestation

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How Pressuring Corporations Can Save the Amazon from Destruction

As severe and sweeping in impact as the Amazon deforestation crisis is, it is also avoidable.

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Indonesia’s Big Palm Oil Firms Silently Complicit with Pro-Deforestation Omnibus bill

The Omnibus bill includes multiple provisions that analysts warn will worsen deforestation in Indonesia and by extension inflict international reputational harm on the palm oil sector.

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Revealed: Newly-discovered orangutan species is ‘being driven to extinction’ by British firm’s goldmine

UK Environment minister Lord Goldsmith has said the company has a "moral obligation" to stop degrading the environment.

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Decarbonization of Steel and Concrete Ignored in UN Ministerial Meeting on Green Recovery

Industrial decarbonization needs to be a top green recovery priority, full stop. We have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to tie the recovery of these industries to technologies that reduce carbon emissions.

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Key Pillars.

  • We start with common ground.
    We believe in the fundamental goodness and decency of people. We don’t approach opponents as enemies or adversaries: we recognize them, as humans with strongly held convictions, interests and motivations, just like us. When we can make progress through negotiation or consensus, we go for it. Because we know that effecting lasting change is not a zero-sum game: if we can eliminate “winning” and “losing” from the equation, we’re that much closer to our goal.
  • We’re prepared to act now.
    We have the courage, experience and resources to move quickly and hit hard—but never without a deliberate strategy. If our initial strategy fails, we simply regroup and bounce back with an equally viable angle. Whether taking on an interest group or the CEO of a Fortune-100 company, we persevere because we are unafraid and inexhaustible. When it comes to protecting the Earth and its creatures, no ght is too big or too small.
  • We seek lasting change, not power.
    Our agenda doesn’t end with us. To realize our ambitious goals, we need a movement— we can’t do it alone. Big things happen when we can inspire others to join our ght, so we seek out and empower like-minded people to act. If we are successful in our pursuit, we don’t need personal recognition.