Mighty Earth is a global campaign organization that works to protect the environment.  We focus on the big issues: conserving threatened landscapes like tropical rainforests, protecting oceans, and solving climate change.

Latest Updates

World’s Largest Chocolate Companies Rated on Efforts to End Environmental and Labor Abuses

International Advocacy Groups Publish Joint Consumer Purchasing Guide Just in Time for the Easter Holiday

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Mighty Earth Chairman Henry Waxman Responds to Trump Administration’s Fuel Efficiency Rollbacks

In response to the Trump Administration's rollback of Obama era fuel efficiency rules, Mighty Earth Chairman, Henry Waxman, has released a statement.

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Mighty Earth and the Coronavirus – A Letter from CEO Glenn Hurowitz

An update on our plans and priorities as we navigate the Coronavirus pandemic

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Architects, Engineers, Builders, and Activists Declare 2030 Must Become the New 2050 in the Climate Emergency

Steel and concrete industries targeted by their top customers for dramatic GHG emissions reductions in next ten years

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Global Protests Call on Mitsubishi Corporation to Stop Investing in Coal Power

Climate activists around the world rally in front of Mitsubishi to stop the Vung Ang 2 coal power plant

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Major Rainforest Destroyer in Indonesia Pledges to Address its Deforestation Legacy

South Korea's largest trading company, POSCO International, has published a long-awaited zero deforestation policy for its global palm oil operations.

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U.S. Leaders: Protect Our Oceans from Climate Change

We have successfully brought back many fish stocks from overfished levels, but now we need to protect them in a changing climate.

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Report: Bridgestone Connected to Ongoing Labor and Environmental Concerns on its Liberia Rubber Plantation

New investigation documents serious ongoing issues at the planet’s largest rubber plantation

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In 2020, Retailers Must Stop Stocking Environmental Destruction

Supermarkets largely dictate the kinds of food that people have access to, and their buying decisions can therefore mean the difference between healthy ecosystems and ecological destruction. 

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Activists Stage Protest at Tyson Shareholder Meeting over Sustainability Concerns

Pressure is on for Tyson to abide by 2018 sustainability commitments

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New Analysis: Batang Toru Hydroelectric Plant ‘Unnecessary’

The dam's backers have mischaracterized, exaggerated, or manufactured much of the rationale for the project.

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Mighty Earth Calls on Indonesian Government to Release Imprisoned Journalist Philip Jacobson

A free press is essential to creating the transparency and accountability necessary for both responsible governance and environmental stewardship

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Key Pillars.

  • We start with common ground.
    We believe in the fundamental goodness and decency of people. We don’t approach opponents as enemies or adversaries: we recognize them, as humans with strongly held convictions, interests and motivations, just like us. When we can make progress through negotiation or consensus, we go for it. Because we know that effecting lasting change is not a zero-sum game: if we can eliminate “winning” and “losing” from the equation, we’re that much closer to our goal.
  • We’re prepared to act now.
    We have the courage, experience and resources to move quickly and hit hard—but never without a deliberate strategy. If our initial strategy fails, we simply regroup and bounce back with an equally viable angle. Whether taking on an interest group or the CEO of a Fortune-100 company, we persevere because we are unafraid and inexhaustible. When it comes to protecting the Earth and its creatures, no ght is too big or too small.
  • We seek lasting change, not power.
    Our agenda doesn’t end with us. To realize our ambitious goals, we need a movement— we can’t do it alone. Big things happen when we can inspire others to join our ght, so we seek out and empower like-minded people to act. If we are successful in our pursuit, we don’t need personal recognition.