Mighty Earth is working to reduce the environmental impacts of meat across the United States, where the industry is the leading source of our nation’s water pollution, a major source of greenhouse gas emissions, and driving the destruction of our last remaining prairie. As public concern about meat’s impacts grows, we are holding leading food companies accountable for reducing the environmental consequences of their meat supply chains to prevent water pollution and protect our nation’s most iconic landscapes.


Controversy Erupts at Tyson Shareholder Meeting

Frustrated shareholders submitted a resolution at Tyson Foods’ annual meeting pushing Tyson to address the egregious pollution driven by the company’s operations and supply chain.

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Experts Find Ocean Dead Zones Have Expanded 1000% Worldwide Since 1950

Reducing run-off pollution from industrial agriculture is urgently necessary to stop the rapid growth in oceanic Dead Zones that have expanded 10-fold around the world since 1950.

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Rally at Tyson Headquarters- Activists Call on Tyson Foods to Live Up to Sustainability Promises

Today, 50 people gathered outside of Tyson Food’s Global Headquarters to deliver over 63 thousand petitions to the company’s CEO, Tom Hayes calling for adoption of more sustainable practices.

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Mighty Earth: Victory on Chocolate; Intensifying Focus on Meat Industry

Mighty makes major progress towards transforming the chocolate and meat industries.

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Local Groups Sign Open Letter Calling on Tyson CEO to Fulfill Sustainability Promises

Over 230 local business, farmer, environmental, and community groups from across the country have joined the nation-wide campaign to hold America’s largest meat company accountable for the water pollution affecting their communities.

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#CleanItUpTyson campaign kicks off across the country

Last week, communities from Des Moines to New Orleans met in town halls across the country to build the call for Tyson’s CEO to #CleanItUpTyson. Community members gathered to share ideas and brainstorm strategies for urging America’s largest meat company to clean up pollution from its supply chain...

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Mighty Earth partners with Green Corps to Clean Up America’s Meat

Tyson Foods needs to step up and make a clear commitment to cleaning up pollution from its meat that is contaminating waters across the country. That’s the core message that Green Corps organizers will be bringing to communities most affected by this pollution as part of Mighty Earth’s campaign for cleaner meat.

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Mystery Meat II

Tyson Foods, America’s Largest Meat Company, Leads Those Found to be driving massive Manure and Fertilizer Pollution

A new report, released by Mighty Earth, identifies the companies responsible for the widespread manure and fertilizer pollution contaminating water from the Heartland to the Gulf.

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