Rapid Response Monitoring System

Soy and Cattle, Report 4 | August 2019 

Based on June 2019 alerts

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This report presents 12 cases of deforestation alerts based on data from DETER (System for Monitoring Deforestation on Real Time) and PRODES (Program for Deforestation Calculation) observed between 27 May and 27 June 2019 in the Amazon and Cerrado biomes in Brazil. Deforestation alerts considered in this report were visually confirmed. Six alerts are in the Amazon biome (one of which is ongoing deforestation at a farm already featured in an earlier report), and six are in the Cerrado biome (of which four are ongoing deforestation at farms already featured in earlier reports). Three separate alerts that fall in São José farms are considered as one case, as they are in an area under a land tenure conflict between JJF Holding de Investimentos e Participações (owned by José Valter Dias) and Coaceral.