Sumitomo Corporation’s Dirty Energy Trade

December 2019

New report exposes how Japan’s policies are empowering a major corporation that embraces and invests in dirty energy sources like coal and biomass. Download

The Companies Behind the Burning of the Amazon

August 2019

New maps and analysis from Mighty Earth, based on data from NASA, CONAB, and Imazon and released here for the first time, show which companies are most closely linked to the burning of the Amazon. Read here

Restoration & Reparations: Reforming the world’s largest rubber company

August 2019

Report documents social and environmental problems found at the Hévécam rubber plantation in southern Cameroon, which is owned by Halcyon Agri, “the world’s leading rubber franchise.” Download

Cargill: The Worst Company in the World

July 2019

Report documents decades of bad acts by US-based agribusiness giant, Cargill, and highlights the need for urgent action. Download

Easter Consumer Report 2019

April 2019

We updated our purchasing guide this year, adding a ‘Rotten Egg’ award and a ‘Most Improved Award’ as well as dozens of new companies. Download

Behind the Wrapper

December 2018

Despite the chocolate industry’s pledge to cease sourcing cocoa linked to deforestation one year ago, a new Mighty Earth report finds that deforestation in West Africa for cocoa has continued, and in some cases has increased.


Construction Destruction: The Hidden Carbon Costs of Dirty Steel

November 2018

Report exposes the enormous carbon footprint of steel used in green construction. The global steel industry emits 2.3 gigatons of carbon dioxide each year – equivalent to the emissions from 569 coal plants.


Growing the Good

October 2018

Report from the Changing Markets Foundation and Mighty Earth reveals that there is a complete lack of public policies in place to ensure the food sector is part of the solution to climate change. Download

Cold Steel Hot Climate: The World’s Biggest Untapped Clean Energy Opportunity

October 2018

First of its kind report analyzes the opportunities for the steel sector to take climate action. The report shows that no company is better positioned to radically change the steel sector than North Carolina's Nucor Corporation.


Flunking the Planet

August 2018

This Mighty Earth report found widespread failure across the food industry to address the environmental impacts of the meat supply chain, and provides recommendations for how companies can improve.


Easter Consumer Report 2018

March 2018

Mighty Earth created a purchasing guide to help consumers understand which major chocolate companies are doing the best job so far to protect forests, and which are lagging behind.


The Avoidable Crisis

March 2018

Investigation by Mighty Earth, Rainforest Foundation Norway, and Fern reveals large-scale deforestation, fires, and human rights abuses in Argentina and Paraguay’s Gran Chaco connected to the global meat industry.


Kissed by Deforestation

February 2018

Mighty Earth undertook mapping of cocoa-producing regions in four countries outside of West Africa and found a high risk of deforestation in various cocoa-producing areas. Detailed satellite mapping found large-scale deforestation within cocoa-producing regions of Indonesia, Cameroon, Peru, and Ecuador.



January 2018

Biodiesel is not the environmentally friendly, “green” fuel claimed by industry producers. On-the-ground investigators documented bulldozing, burning and the recent clearance of 30,000 acres of forest to plant new soy fields in northern Argentina, which supply some of the same companies producing soy biodiesel for export to the United States.


Chocolate’s Dark Secret

September 2017

The report finds that a large amount of the cocoa used in chocolate produced by Mars, Nestle, Hershey’s, Godiva, and other major chocolate companies was grown illegally in national parks and other protected areas in Ivory Coast and Ghana.


Mystery Meat II

August 2017

The report identifies the companies responsible for the widespread manure and fertilizer pollution contaminating water from the Heartland to the Gulf. The vast quantities of corn and soy used to raise meat animals caused one of the largest Dead Zones on record in the Gulf of Mexico.


Still At It

May 2017

The "Still At It" investigation found that agriculture giants Cargill and Bunge driving new deforestation the size of about 10,000 football fields in Latin America– just months after these companies were linked to deforestation at the same sites in Bolivia’s Amazon basin and Brazil’s vast Cerrado savannah forest.


Ultimate Mystery Meat

February 2017

The report reveals the secrets about where the feed for Burger King’s chicken, bacon, and beef come from, and shows that these companies are linked to massive, systematic deforestation to clear sloth and jaguar habitat in Latin America.


Palm Oil’s Black Box

December 2016

The report finds that Olam is creating a market for deforestation-linked palm oil, and then funneling it to some of the world’s best known brands that have touted their own strong sustainability policies.


Burning Paradise

September 2016

Satellite, photographic, and video evidence reveals massive deforestation and illegal burning of pristine rainforest by the Korean-Indonesian corporation Korindo, to support establishment of its palm oil plantations on the Indonesian provinces of Papua and North Maluku.